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Mohali, India, 2019-Feb-14 — /EPR Network/ — Infrazone, a digital podium that has been developed for aspirants associated with any engineering field or aspires to be connected with engineering realm, is now bringing students, consultants, professors, service providers, professionals, companies, and organizations under one shelter worldwide. This app/website has been created to enable social links amidst them by sharing the latest technologies and advancements that are prevailing at every corner of the engineering field. Their practical experience and knowledge can speak volumes about them as it would act a blueprint for others.  Not just this, it also assists in resolving queries of other individuals as well.

About The Services It Offer

Giving a platform for sharing innovative ideas, Infrazone gives students a ladder to success by offering vocation courses in the various field of engineering. It serves as a podium where segmenting engineering activity like photos, videos, useful information, etc. is shared in a simplified manner. Additionally, the podium will also provide the chance of attaining sponsorship from interested companies, and also interested aspirants can serve to join in for running that idea. Also, service providers like the architects or structural designers, R&D Section of companies, Incubators of companies and other consultants or technical clubs of colleges can showcase expertise by presenting their custom models or products related to engineering fields. This platform also helps in the following pointers:-

  • Sharing: You can share amazing engineering activity photos, videos, useful information, new guidelines or study material explained in a simplified manner, related to engineering or upcoming advancements overtaking every corner of engineering. The basic purpose of this platform is to bring out all individuals especially students from rote learning, to create interest in real engineering and motivate them to build projects on their own and think artistically.
  • Volunteers: The students will be guided by companies who will assist them to build an innovative project by themselves. And once they are familiar with techniques and procedures prevailing in their respective field, their approach to things will vary in different manners. Nowadays, the internet is just a click away from the audiences. If an individual is searching for a piece of particular information they have to browse various sites but Infrazone is different from them. You can seek information regarding new advancements and technologies all in one at this digital podium. An abundance of knowledge can be attained via this platform, which has the ability to widen up your mind in all respects of the engineering realm.
  • Recognition: Infrazone is determined to give individuals their own identity in the tech-freak world. If a professional or student shares a post, his/her personal details with name, designation etc. would be displayed every time. Enrolling at this platform would be equivalent to acquiring fame at a worldwide level in the engineering field.
  • Q/A: Discuss/Share/Enquire any issue/problem/question relating to their choice of engineering field.
  • Innovative Idea: You can also lend a creative idea related to engineering activities that can help business in many aspects. You can also get the chance to have sponsorship and partnership for your project.

In order to not keep its aspirants in the perplexing situation, Infrazone will give ease to its user by just visiting their site and stop surfing the rest to stay at par in the engineering field. Bringing in all these features, Infrazone is yet to release and will spread its peculiarities as soon as possible.

Infra Zone

Address: SCO 31, 2nd Floor, Sector 125, Mohali 140301

Phone: 09876252500


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