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Chicago, IL, 2019-Aug-01 — /EPR Network/ — Today Most of the drugs are United States FDA approved a those are generic and bio-similar products and easily available to the online pharmacy websites at different prices with exciting offers and numerous discounts. Generally, American patients are consuming the most of the benefits from significant lots of money savings at different pharmacy counter. But patients are only seeing the savings without knowing the risk due to anti-competitive abuses and misguided rules and policies that block access to lower-cost medicines.

Actual total spending on prescription drugs reaching almost $513 billion in 2018, patients are realizes tremendous amount in being able to pick up 90 percent of their prescriptions medication for $134 billion. That’s only 27 percent of all actual costs and the result of competition in the generic drug market working to lower the prices by $6.5 billion less than the prior year 2017.

A Simple example to understand this transaction is as below elaborated: let us consider the annual sales of the brand name drug in the United States are $2 billion, and the new generic company wishes to enter in the market and sell their generic drug at 10% of the patented drug price (annual sales $200 million). The brand-name company could pay the generic company USD $200 million not to enter the market while still generating USD $2 billion in revenues over to the next year. Both companies profit in to their revenues, but those revenues are lost to our healthcare process, force higher patient out-of-pocket expenses with zero savings for patients, and push the patented drug out of reach for many patients who cannot afford it and thus could die of diseases progression.

Out-of-Pocket Patients, continue with their call for action to address the 10 percent of prescription drugs issue that accounted for $375 billion in spending (73 percent) and the annual price increases randomly on these disease treatments that are pushing drug prices out of reach to the millions of Americans patients. On the high demand of generic drugs, new spending on brand-name drugs and price increases on existing brand drugs or medicines pushed up costs by more than $21 billion in 2018.

Product hopping also popular with the name of forced switching or called ever-greening, involves into a brand-name drug company switching the market for a present drug, prior to its patent expiration date, Patients win when market-based competition from FDA-approved generics and bio-similar deliver savings at the pharmacy counter. Combining the several forms of conduct, drug companies sometimes have used product hopping together for the settlements with the expiration date issue. In particular to the delay in generic entry, a settlement will be comes firmly to the switch the market to the new product.

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