Specialty Carbon Black Market Major Development Factors, SWOT Analysis, and Growth Drivers

Global Specialty Carbon Black Market is anticipated to witness a massive growth with a staggering CAGR in the forecast period. Conductive plastics or specialty carbon black are used to protect electronic and electrical packaging and equipment, automotive fuel systems, and other plastics applications from catastrophic failure due to unacceptable amounts of electrostatic discharge.

“The manufacturers are striving to provide their customers with the latest technologically equipped specialty carbon black products that meet the highest standards for performance, quality, and service.”

Specialty Carbon Black market has been categorized into North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East & Africa, and the Asia Pacific based on the regional segmentation. Upscaling adoption of latest technologies in the manufacturing processes has empowered North America to emerge as the largest revenue generating region.

The presence of a huge number of emerging entrants in China and Japan has significantly boosted sales in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific regions, over the past several years, have been manufacturing low-cost carbon black, which has emerged as a potential threat for the Northern American market space. Also, the rising polymer demand in India for resins and consumer goods market has gained a competitive advantage over the other global regions.

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The competitive landscape showcases the profiles and business strategies of the major players, along with their recent developments. The altering market dynamics can be attributed to major merger and acquisition activities, collaborations and joint ventures amongst the industry competitors. Emerging companies have identified raw material suppliers, buyers, research investors and distributors of the specialty carbon black market.

Some of the key competitors or manufacturers capitalizing in the global market include Orion Engineered Carbon, Cabot Corporation, Philips Carbon Black Limited, and Aditya Birla. Other prominent players operating in the specialty carbon black market include Sid Richardson, Cabot Corporation, OMSK Group, Tokai Co. Ltd., Continental Carbon Co., Atlas Organic Pvt. Ltd., Himadri Companies & Industries Ltd. (HCIL), and China Synthetic Rubber Corporation (CSRC) among others.

Cabot Corporation is a global leader in manufacturing specialty carbon black that has been supplied as additives to the plastics industry since its commencement. Their development centers are widespread across all the five major regions of the world. VULCAN®, ELFTEX®, and BLACK PEARLS® are the specialty carbon black plastic products manufactured by Cabot Corporation. Their products are particularly insensitive to static discharge and have found three broad groups of applications; Electrical and electronics (E&E), Automotive fuel systems, and Safety (molded parts).

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