VIVEKA Hospitals Acclaimed For Excellent Health Checkup Packages in Nagpur

Nagpur, India, 2020-Sep-30 — /EPR Network/ — At VIVEKA Hospitals the whole body check-up includes a comprehensive check of all systems including evaluation of Women’s Health Checkup Package, Routine Checkup Package, Gastroenterology Basic Health Checkup Package, Gastroenterology Advanced Health Checkup Package, Complete Health Checkup Package, Cardiac Health Checkup Package and Diabetic Checkup Package along with detailed speciality consultations.

If you are in search of a timely full-body health check in Nagpur that will help you lower the risk factors and keep diseases away, VIVEKA Hospitals offers just what you are looking for. VIVEKA Hospitals brings to you the best preventive checkup packages in Nagpur, including women checkups, medical checkups and whole body checkup making it the obvious choice for people looking out for a comprehensive medical checkup. The expert team lead by Dr Jagtap at VIVEKA Hospitals ensures that their general medical checkup is designed keeping in mind to meet the requirements of both men and women with a range of tests and diagnostics to choose from.

You can enjoy the benefits of availing affordable health checkup in Nagpur with VIVEKA Hospitals. The team at VIVEKA Hospitals lets you choose from India’s most promising hospitals in Nagpur and Central India to let you experience the best healthcare services.

The team offers services Health Checkup Packages in Nagpur. Key benefits of health checkup at VIVEKA Hospitals comprise of the advantage of help to the doctors to find a perfect cure for anybody. A health checkup can let the patient, as well as the doctor, have a bird’s eye view of the absolute physical condition. Besides this Health checkup can help the professionals detect any disease at the very first stage enabling easy treatment and recovery of the patient.

Complete Health Checkup Package at Viveka Hospitals at Rs.4999.00 includes FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar), PPBS (Post Prandial Blood Sugar), HBA1C (Glycosylated Hb), CBC With ESR, KFT with uric Acid, LFT, Lipid profile [F], Thyroid Profile, HbsAg, Urine Routine, Vit B12, Vit D3, PSA (male)/PAP Smear (women), Chest X-Ray, ECG, TMT or 2D Echo, USG (Sonography) Abdomen With Pelvis, Consultation With Doctor, Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Physiotherapist and Dietician.

About VIVEKA Hospitals:

With the legacy of leading surgeons and medical practitioners of Central India, VIVEKA hospitals is committed to delivering world-class medical care. Situated in the heart of Nagpur city, close to Subhash Nagar metro station, VIVEKA Hospitals is a one-stop destination for the advanced healthcare and medical requirements of the citizens of Nagpur, Central India and across the globe.

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