Hodusoft Announce Launch of Revamped Auto Dialer Software Purposed for Ecommerce

Ahmedabad, India, 2021-Jan-13 — /EPR Network/ — Hodusoft, a unit of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced launch of upgraded auto dialer software specifically developed for ecommerce sector.

The pandemic, stated the company head, changed ecommerce operations. While white goods were affected the demand for groceries online and such utility items skyrocketed. Ecommerce operators have to deal with a different situation and launch campaigns for their product lines and the auto dialer software is the gateway to sales generation. It is available as part of call center software or as a stand alone app that can be integrated into existing call center solution or IP PBX.

He went on to elaborate features of Hodusoft auto dialer software. Ecommerce operators operate across borders and generate a positive interest if they appear local. The software’s dynamic caller ID feature comes in useful by letting the caller set caller ID based on contact’s location. This works alongside the call scheduling feature in which contacts from the list can be assigned to the dynamic caller ID and calls scheduled to suit local time.

Intelligent automation forms part of the upgraded dialing solution from Hodusoft. You can link it to the intelligent chat bot which replaces the traditional IVR though that is available as an option. Intelligent bots carry on basic conversation with called party. Ecommerce operators, in this instance, can deliver satisfactory response and garner sufficient data to follow up or discard a lead. The auto dialer software includes built in machine learning algorithm. In time, it becomes familiar with an agent’s way of working and works like a smart dialing assistant. Your agents can do more, reduce stress and deliver a happy customer experience. The software also offers intelligent reporting and analytics along with call monitoring so that agents can refine strategies on the fly and through post call analysis.

The way the Autodialer integrates with IVR or smart chat bot means that ecommerce operators need not deploy personnel for outbound campaigns. Hodusoft’s auto dialer software works as a calling agent in tandem with the IVR and generates primary leads. Should a called party show interest a live agent can step in and convert the lead into a sale. Automation leads to cost reductions and more sales with minimum effort. The predictive/progressive dialer can be configured to initiate calls depending on how a call proceeds and nears completion. The autodialer can also be configured to set up a common call list and then route calls to agents who are free.

Cost control is necessary for Ecommerce given the intense competition in this sector and profit paring. However, one cannot let up on campaigns to sustain lead generation and conversion. This is where Hodusoft’s auto dialer software plays a stellar role through robo calling and human intervention in order to drive sales. You see reduced call drops, enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction and consistent growth.

“The best thing to do is to get Hodusoft call center software in which the auto dialer software is integrated. However, for those who already have a solution in place Hodusoft engineers can overlay the autodialer through API integration.

If you sell online it is worth a look. Get in touch with Hodusoft on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or simply chat live on https://hodusoft.com/auto-dialer-software/.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12853596-hodusoft-announce-launch-of-revamped-auto-dialer-software-purposed-for-ecommerce.html

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