NextGenInnov8 partners with Fueladream for its mission to deliver 15.1k Suraksha boxes

Mumbai, India, 2021-Feb-09 — /EPR Network/ — NextGenInnov8, an innovation-driven venture has partnered with Fueladream, for its 15.1K mission seeking to reach it’s UVC Light sterilization Suraksha boxes to small vegetable vendors, government schools, and small kirana stores among others. The mission has since raised Rs. 8,94,800 through drives at ASM Group of Institutes, Indus International School, SNBP International School, and The Kalyani School in Pune. “Mission 15.1k” was announced on 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary. Externally purchased items can be placed inside the box which then undergoes a 360-degree sterilization by utilising UVC light in a controlled environment. Its’ 240 nm range is optimal for destroying the RNA and DNA of viruses. It uses aluminium, which best reflects UVC light and is easy to clean. Tested, approved, and certified by CSIR-CMERI (ICMR Approved lab) to protect against viruses, bacteria & fungi including COVID-19 strains, Suraksha Box has a Govt. of India (MC&I) published patent.

Speaking about the partnership, Aditya Pachpande, Founder, NextGenInnov8, said, “Fueladream is the perfect partner and it has a great track record in raising money for noble causes of all hues since its inception. Look forward to the partnership with Fueladream taking us closer to the mission fulfilment faster.”

In his comments, Ranganath Thota, Founder, Fueladream, said,” We are very impressed with the ingenuity & drive displayed by 14-year old Aditya.  He comes from a firm belief that young minds like his can solve critical issues that are confronting our world, through innovation. The Suraksha Box is one such idea that can do good and my team at Fueladream is proud to be a part of this mission of giving 15,100 Suraksha boxes to the deserving”

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About Fueladream: is a crowdfunding marketplace for people & organizations who aim to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities etc. They are Bengaluru based. The platform has already raised over INR 45 CR for over 10000 different campaigns over 4.5 years.  They are the only crowdfunding platform in the world that focuses on teaching crowdfunding as a science and life skill. This helps campaign owners with better and more successful campaigns.

 About NextgenInnov8: NextGenInnov8 is an innovation-driven company dedicated to facilitate and bring about innovative solutions to the world’s problems. It is founded by Aditya Pachpande, a young innovator and entrepreneur. Aditya believes that extreme times have always led human beings to be creative, innovative, and come out with unique solutions. He feels that children are more innovative than adults. At a young age, as he came up with a solution that created a huge impact with the Suraksha Box, he also believes that all children around the world have the potential to come up with unique solutions to the world’s problems. Skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration are required for children today at a young age. Children need the right guidance, resources, and an ecosystem, to support that. This is exactly what Nextgeninnov8 endeavours to provide. The mission is to spark the power of innovation in every child around the world so that they can come up with various creative ideas and solutions to the problems faced by their families, communities, and even global issues.

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