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New Delhi, India, 2021-Feb-23 — /EPR Network/ — For sterilization purposes in various industries such as hotels, cafeterias, pubs, bars, and even in hospitals, office pantries and canteens in schools and colleges, there might be a need for knife sterilizing machines.

During these times the safety and hygiene of the used equipment is a must that needs to be ensured. And for proper sanitization of knives, you would of course want a machine that sterilizes the knives totally so that it’s free from viruses and bacteria.

Washmatic India comes with a top design feature rich knife sterilizing machine that is one of the best and can be used in different industries.

At Washmatic India along with other commercial warewashingmachines, one can also purchase knife sterilizers.

These sterilizers are effective in making your knives sterilized and ensuring that they are free from micro-organisms which causes cross contamination, so that they can be used safely.

At Washmatic India the company assures you of the safe use of the knives that are needed in various industries. These machines are innovatively designed and have a good standard capacity that ensures multiple length knives can be sterilized at once.

Looking at the features of the knife sterilizing machines produced by the company

The company manufactures world-class knife sterilizing machines that ensure 99.99% germ-killing with effective sanitization. The size of the knife sanitizers is enough to sanitize as much as fifteen knives of varying standard lengths in one go.

Made with stainless steel exterior and shiny reflective stainless steelmirror inside which ensures that the reflected radiation falls ll over on the knives, thereby ensuring high sanitization levels.

The UVC lamps fitted in the device gives maximum germ kill effect with its 254 nm UVC light and is safe to use.

Safety switch that automatically shuts down the effect of UV rays on opening the door

The machine is highly safe for operation. The door of the machine has been designed in such a way that when you open the door, it will automatically shut down the UV rays, preventing the person from coming in contact with the harmful UV rays.

Accepted in multiple industries

The best part is that the company manufactures these sanitizers for various industries. So far the company has made multiple partners that include leading hospitals, restaurant, and hotel chains, some MNC companies, research laboratories, pathological centers, and diagnostic labs that use medical knives, surgical knives, and even knives for food processing, cutting, and chopping.

Certified for industrial use and meets the standards of safety

The knife sanitizing machines are CE and ISO9000 certified meaning that they meet the effective key areas of safety that ensure that the equipment is safe to be used for commercial purposes.

Company information

The company is involved in the making of knife sanitizing machines and other types of commercial automatic dishwashers.

Company address-

A-2 shopping complex, Naraina Industrial area phase-2

New Delhi- 110028 Phone- +91- 8800023044 Email-


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