3D Animation – An Exquisite World

Delhi, India, 2021-Aug-04 — /EPR Network/ — The word animation is well known nowadays. Nearly all of us know 3D animation at least as a layman, for whom this is a technique of creating drawings that look actual and have some motions and effects mixed.

Nowadays, almost all the grounds including engineering, gaming, medical, advertisement, movies, science, pharmaceutical, furniture and many more, use 3D animation to give a well curated presentation to their products and services.

The most fascinating part that makes 3D animation so widespread is that, it provides a cheap and effective method to prototype, analyse and test a product design without any resources involved. Furthermore, this computer-generated model can simply be redesigned for any future changes needed.

How is 3D animation done?

3D means ‘3 Dimensional’, where an image is animated considering 3 dimensions or axis x, y and z as length, width and depth. 3D animation is a more complex and expensive procedure as compared to 2D animation, where only 2 dimensions or axis x and y as length and width are considered. But this does not mean that 2D is not popular. 2D animated videos and games have a different section of popularity.

For a more realistic looking character or model, 3D fits the best. The animators create every character from a mere concept to almost dynamic looking 3D model. The procedure of animation has following steps

  • ·        Concept and Storyboards
  • ·        3D Modelling
  • ·        Texturing
  • ·        Rigging and Skinning
  • ·        Animation
  • ·        Lightning
  • ·        Camera Angles
  • ·        Rendering
  • ·        Facial FX
  • ·        Adding Music
  • ·        Editing and final output

All these steps are performed one after the other and need accuracy perfection in looking hyper realistic.

Who does 3D Animation?

The beautiful looking 3D world is actually a result of adept and competitive 3D artists, animators or the modelers. The 3D experts are well learned individuals with in depth understanding of all the latest tools and techniques thus involved.

Every time you see an advertisement with sparkling liquids, rotating soaps, flying objects or instantly appearing and disappearing effects, you get mesmerised and feel like purchasing that product. Well, the fundamental truth is that you already know that this is all animated, but still it gets the inclination of your mind and this is the power of 3D fed in by the super talented 3D animators.

3D animation is the need of the hour, that fascinates more and more attention and thus improves the customer base of a product. Be it games, products, movies or services, 3D animation has actually changed the way the mass media looks nowadays. A great gratitude for this goes to of course the animators and 3D animation studios, that create this visual magic.

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