New PDF Studio 2021 with Accessibility Features, Improved Content Editing, Enhanced User Interface

Atlanta, GA, 2021-Sep-02 — /EPR Network/ — Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces version 2021 of PDF Studio, their powerful, intuitive PDF Editor for Windows, macOS and Linux. The latest version is packed with enhancements that will aid users in the efficiency of their daily workflow when creating new documents or enhancing the content of their existing documents. It includes new accessibility options to assist users with impairments and refines its existing tools to make them more functional and customizable.

Here are some of the new exciting features included in this version:

Accessibility Color Options
Text to Speech (Read Out Loud)
Enhanced User Interface
Improved Content Editing
New Content Explorer
Upgraded OCR Engine Version
New Options to “Unflatten” Annotations
Additional Preflight Functions
Real Full Screen Mode
Search Recent Files
Auto Detect Links

PDF Studio 2021 provides new accessibility color options when rendering documents to help accommodate users who are visually impaired or working in dimly lit environments and give them an easier reading experience. Text and background colors can be adjusted to one of the default higher contrast color schemes provided, or can be fully customized by the user.

Another accessibility feature that has been added is Read Out Loud, a Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool that is able to read the document text aloud and assist users with reading impairments. This tool can be activated through the ribbon toolbar or a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + V).

Content editing has been improved to automatically recognize and highlight the different paragraphs, columns, and sections present on the page, allowing users to immediately identify the different text area sections. The text reflow has been refined for consistency and reliability.

A new content explorer panel was added to assist with content editing. It allows users to view the overall structure of a document by displaying all content objects contained in the document in a hierarchical tree format. This permit users to easily identify and select content objects present on a page, including text, images, paths, shades and containers objects.

The flatten annotations feature has been enhanced to offer an option to allow “unflattening annotations” subsequently and reverse the flattening action, so users are able to continue making edits and revisions. Flattening annotations is used by professionals such as architects to consolidate review annotations within the content of their documents before sharing them with their clients. This process guarantees consistent reading of a document across operating systems and alternative PDF applications being used.

Overall, PDF Studio 2021 enhances user experience and gives users more control when manipulating their documents. As usual, all new features are available on all platforms! Download now:

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