Internal subject matter experts invaluable to organisations

CANBERRA, Australia, 2021-Sep-29 — /EPR Network/ — Subject matter experts, or SMEs, are those with authority in a particular area, technology, process, field or subject. SMEs are uniquely qualified to provide guidance and strategy in their area of specialisation. This week, the Acorn subject matter experts shine the light on their own title and examine why SMEs are such an important resource for organisations.

Looking for subject matter experts internally can yield a pool of candidates that have first-hand knowledge of both their subject matter and exactly how it applies to an organisation. A subject matter expert can be found in any business area including support, operations, marketing, finance, IT and more.

Subject matter experts offer expertise, experience and influence. They’ll likely be in contact with other specialists who can offer further advice, too. Overall, they can help organisations by providing optimised workflows, relevant learning content, and savings on time and money.

“Subject matter experts can be your secret weapon when it comes to employee training considering they know both the content and your organisation’s needs intimately,” said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director). “Leveraging their skills helps optimise your learning outcomes in a way that better aligns training with your business goals, giving you market competitiveness.”

One the biggest hurdles is getting subject matter experts invested in projects and training programs. SMEs are often busy with their own team and projects, making their time a limited resource. For the best chance of success, ensure SMEs are involved from the start, that their feedback is accepted, and that they understand exactly how what they’re doing is valuable to them.

You can read the Acorn experts’ full article about subject matter experts on their Acorn Labs blog:

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