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A conversation with D'Vaughn House

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 2021-Oct-06 — /EPR Network/ — Glenride today announced the “Seen and Heard” conversation series on economic inclusion.  This milestone is a major move for Glenride on its mission to analyze rapidly changing modern-day markets and how to regulate them most effectively.

“I just want to take the nightmare out of sifting through the news every day, to offer decentralized and accessible knowledge that would appeal to a person like me,” says D’Vaughn House, founder of Glenride. “It’s time for society to heal by joyfully subverting the self-serving elitism of US politics,” he says.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives of the company, including:

  • Monthly virtual meetings (beginning May 2022)
  • A repository of academic and public research material
  • A blockchain-based research database and utility token
  • A calendar for sharing best practices and challenges you are facing across the world

“Social cohesion is important, but we want to create a world where we are no longer bound by corrupt economic policies that marginalize vulnerable populations,” House says.

To learn more about “Seen and Heard” email D’Vaughn House (

About the Company: Glenride is a global network of knowledge-makers dedicated to actively embracing new ideas—shaping the future for themselves, for their families, for all of us.  Glenride’s question is: how can we understand the entire range of issues affecting local communities?  And one possible question for you is: “how can I participate in a way that honors my gifts, and who I really am?”  Glenride’s answer is build a research community where people come to trust, through first-hand experience, that we can learn together how to heal our societal divides.

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