The First Truly Affordable US Degree

FleXademy, in collaboration with Hilbert College New York, has recently launched a special Bachelors Degree in Cybersecurity for students residing in India.

New Delhi, India, 2021-Oct-12 — /EPR Network/ — What makes this collaboration so unique is FleXademy’s commitment to deliver high quality Western education at an affordable price.

“Affordable and accessible high quality Western education has never been available until now. We have solved this problem and will be adding further value by combining this with global networking and employment opportunities for our learners”, said Raymi van der Spek, CEO of FleXademy. “By affordable we mean a fully accredited, globally recognized US Bachelor’s Degree for less than ₹40,000 per month.”

FleXademy has launched an affordable US Degree program with Cybersecurity simply because the global employment opportunities are so great. With the increasing use of technology, there has been an exponential growth in its malicious usage. Cyberwarfare, cybercrimes, cyber crises, and cyber theft are problems that need to be immediately dealt with. With the cybercriminals outsmarting the common folk, a counterforce is needed. That counterforce is degree qualified Cyber-Experts who can take care of privacy breaches, hacking, and cracking. US based firm Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that cybercrime inflicted “USD 6 trillion in damages globally in 2021”. As a result there are over 35 lakh in unfilled positions globally for degree qualified cyber-experts.

In collaboration with its academic partners, FleXademy’s mission is to enable students to re-invent their lives by increasing their internships opportunities 10X, increasing their global employment opportunities 10X, increasing their academic success 10X, and most importantly increasing their Return on Education Investment by at least 100X. In addition to keeping their US Degree affordable, FleXademy and Hilbert College also provide students the opportunity to learn through interactive classroom sessions, access 24/7 academic support, and critically enhance their employability soft skills through general education subjects built into the
BSc Cybersecurity curriculum. All of this and right in the comfort zones of their homes or wherever they feel most comfortable studying.

Studying on-campus for the same degree in New York will cost students a minimum of ₹15 Crore. Students studying in the same online program anywhere else in the world will be paying more than ₹26 lakh. With a FleXademy scholarship students in India will only need to pay ₹15 lakh! What is more, they only have to pay this in instalments of less than ₹75,000 every two months.

FleXademy has been working relentlessly to secure high-quality Western academic partners, like Hilbert College, to add value to the students’ education and increase their global employment opportunities with focused and fun learning methods.

When considering their options students and their parents may well ask: Why take a USA degree and why online? What are the perks and benefits associated with it? What stops young scholars from pursuing their dream degrees abroad? To answer all these questions, FleXademy has come to the rescue by providing one-on-one career counseling sessions for students and their parents who wish to seek admission in this program. Anyone and everyone is welcome to enquire whether they are just curious, cannot afford a study abroad option, are confused or lost about the VISA application procedures, IELTS preparation, SAT scores, Batch intakes, or international student scholarship facilities.

Furthermore Raymi also noted that “adding value to the students’ academic and scholastic skills is the top priority of our academic partners and with the help of this program, students will not have to worry about employment or lack of motivation due to the interesting design of the course”

If you believe that you might be interested in doing this course but need more information, please book your seat for a career counseling session by registering on the link given below:

Or for more details, follow our Social Media & Website pages to stay informed of updates, offers, and webinars in the future.

Don’t miss a chance to Flex your life with FleXademy. Enroll now!

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