Natural Interior Design Ideas

natural interior design ideas natural interior design ideas

Chennai, India, 2022-Jan-18 — /EPR Network/ — Designing your interiors needs a lot of patience and creativity. Interior designers in chennai work very hard to make the design very lucrative. But designs come with various methods. 

 Every Homeowner makes decisions on the design and interior elements. It doesn’t matter how costly your interior is, if you fail to add natural elements to your decoration everything will get spoiled.  

But in recent years we are seeing extraordinary development in our interior design industry. Clients are changing their focus to natural elements. It’s really overwhelming. 

It’s our job to protect our family and our nature. Using the earth’s resources to our interior will bring a deep connection between you and nature. It might look impossible but Venus Interiors have been doing this in real projects.  

Here is a checklist we must consider while designing our interiors. It doesn’t matter whether we do it in the living room or bedroom. Our ultimate goal is to build a deep relationship with Mother Nature. 

Indoor Plants 

First and foremost important checklist here is Indoor plants. There are hundreds of indoor plants available in the market. The advantage of growing indoor plants is it’s cost effective. We need not to spend lakh rupees for this. 

Just grow the plant in the pot and water them. These indoor plants will not use much water. You need to water them twice a week or once. 

Indoor Plant types are 

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Castiron Plant
  • Meyer Lemon Tree
  • Eucharis Amazonia.

Corporate, Small & Medium size enterprises use these types of plants and grow them for years. These plants are very easy to grow as well as easy to buy.  

WHO reports says that 91% of the world’s population doesn’t get quality air. Merely 4.2 million people die in air pollution related health issues. 

Live in an environment which doesn’t have air pollution.  

Stones and rocks 

If you are an adventurous person then rocks and stones will be great for you. As a matter of fact, rocks will take you to forest virtually. Placing rocks will be astonishingly great.  

Some of the rocks which can be used as natural interior designs are

  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Travertine
  • Mable
  • Shale
  • Granite 

You need not search hard for these rocks; we can easily find these rocks. Just visualize a room which has a big rock inside, you will really feel a great presence which triggers your psychological emotions and moods.  


Have you ever seen a planter table? If not, please Google it. One of the best natural interior design elements is planter tables. 

Planter tables are nothing but planting sea grass in the middle of a big table, it might be your working table or dining table. Venus Interior Industries have installed 100’s of planter tables in our project.  

It will elevate your room design to the next level. At the same time it gives you a positive vibe. Never bother about maintenance; you just need to spend a few minutes a week. Just water them regularly.  

Sea grass needs some sunlight or fluorescent light for their survival. If you are planning for an Natural Interior Design, then planter tables are great. 


Water is the key factor for our living, so natural interior design needs water element to bring nature into your office or your home.

Creating an artificial waterfall will make your room look like a deep rainforest. Creating one is not easy; find the best interior designers and architects. We must watch out for leakage, ceiling spill etc., 

Types of waterfall you can use for your natural interior design


  • Rock Waterfall
  • Rain Waterfall
  • Scupper or Sheet Fall
  • Sconce
  • Laminar Jet
  • Bubbler
  • Dandelion 

The above natural interior design elements will give you more presence of life and definitely you will feel a great behaviour change. 

Allowing sunlight inside your room is very crucial. The Lack of sunlight will decrease your Serotonin Level. As a result you might suffer from major depression. 

Advantages of Sunlight for your body

  • You get tons of vitamin D which is very important for your blood cells and immune system.
  • Sunlight brings you great resources like calcium and phosphorus. 

How to Decorate your home for sunlight:

  • Provide enormous space in windows, if you have a chance try to do open ceiling or netted ceiling.
  • We must optimize the design and building orientation for the sunlight to travel inside the room
  • There are two types of sunglight, direct and indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight comes directly and indirectly are reflections of sunlight from the building. We must be perfect that the reflection will not yield you a better one. 
  • The recent innovation is the sunlight reflector. We must use a sunlight reflector so that the entire room will be filled with sunlight. 



Designing your interior is about spending money, it’s about a way of life. There are 1000+ of interior design ideas available in the industry. But we must focus on things which are very unique in nature. At the same time, it should merge with our behaviour. 

Our clients used to say natural interior design elements gave psychological benefits like controlling anger, a harmonious life, and development in creativity. 

Always try to merge your way of living with Mother Nature, I promise you will see big differences in your life.

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