Danieli Group: CEO Gianpietro Benedetti recognized as honorary citizen of Udine

Udine, Italy, 2023-Mar-29 — /EPR Network/ — The reasons cited for the awarding of honorary citizenship to Gianpietro Benedetti by the Municipal Council of Udine include “excellence in the entrepreneurial sector” and “contributions to the economic development and social promotion of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, as well as to the implementation of conservation and restoration interventions of historical monuments and redevelopment of the urban fabric, with a particular focus on benefiting the younger generation”.

Gianpietro Benedetti

Gianpietro Benedetti’s entrepreneurial vision and commitment to community development

The Municipal Council of Udine conferred honorary citizenship upon Danieli Group’s CEO Gianpietro Benedetti “as a sign of sincere appreciation and the highest regard”, as stated in the resolution passed by the Council and inscribed on the diploma. The recognition was awarded for the excellence he achieved in the entrepreneurial sector and his contribution to the economic development and social promotion of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Moreover, his generous contribution to the implementation of conservation and restoration interventions of historical monuments and redevelopment of the urban fabric, especially for the benefit of the younger generation, was also acknowledged. Commenting on this prestigious title, Gianpietro Benedetti said that “it is an important and unexpected recognition. However, it must be acknowledged that the reason we have paid special attention to the city is not only due to affection but also corporate interests”. With regard to this, Danieli Group’s CEO said that “we often invite people from all over the world to Udine, and their positive impression of the city is significant. Those who commission systems that can cost from 100 to 500 million euros instinctively associate the decorum of the location with the potential quality of the work and the credibility of the company, which is linked to the social and cultural context in which the company operates”. This recognition is “an incentive to do even more and better in the future”, he added, with the aim “to maintain a balance between what I can give and what I can receive, and to work towards keeping our city pleasant, beautiful, and livable”.

Danieli Group: the professional career of CEO Gianpietro Benedetti

Gianpietro Benedetti is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Danieli Group, a global industrial machinery manufacturer. Since 2010, he has also been President of “ITS – Technical Secondary School – New Made-in-Italy Technologies, Mechanical and Aeronautics Section” of Udine, Italy. He began his career at Danieli Group in 1961 as a design engineer. After managing several departments, he was named Co-Chief Executive Officer in 1986 and General Manager in 1991, before ultimately becoming Chief Executive Officer in 1999. In September 2017, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Board of the Group. Gianpietro Benedetti is the holder of many patents for steelmaking machines and processes – including the MI.DA® Micromill – and has registered over 80 inventions under his name. In recognition of his career, he was awarded an honorary degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Trieste, 2000), an honorary degree in Management Engineering (University of Udine, 2016), and an M.B.A. in International Business (MIB School of Management of Trieste, 2018). Additionally, in 2006, the National order of Chivalry made him a Knight of the Order of Merit for Labor, for the service to the Italian Republic. In 2018, he also received the Tadeusz Sendzimir Memorial Medal from AIST (Association for Iron & Steel Technology).

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