General Electric, Cisco, Itron, and S&C Electric Recognized as Leaders in the “Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023” by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant

Northbrook, IL, 2023-Sep-19 — /EPR Network/ — Leading sector research, growth advisory, and analytics firm, MarketsandMarkets unveiled 360 Quadrant for the “Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023,” classifying industry players General Electric, Cisco, Itron, and S&C Electric into distinct categories that reflect their exceptional contributions to the Smart Grid arena.

These four renowned companies have solidified their positions in the Smart Grid landscape through their commitment toward achieving better resilience, reduce carbon emissions, digitalization, and smooth transition from conventional electricity grids to the smart grids. Their extraordinary efforts in propelling the Smart Grid sector forward have rightfully earned them a recognition within this exclusive quadrant, highlighting their significant impact on a global level.

The Smart Grid Quadrant is a comprehensive industry analysis that provides valuable insights into the global market for Smart Grid. This quadrant offers a detailed evaluation of key market players, technological advancements, product innovations, and emerging trends shaping the industry. MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrants evaluated over 35 companies of which the Top 21 Smart Grid Companies were categorized and recognized as the quadrant leaders.

The 360 Quadrant efficiently maps the Smart Grid Companies based on criteria such as revenue, geographic presence, growth strategies, investments, and sales strategies for the market presence of the Smart Grid quadrant. While the top criteria for product footprint evaluation included Smart Grid Market by Component, Application, and Communication Technology.

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General Electric, Cisco, Itron, and S&C Electric – The Leaders Explained

General Electric (GE) Secures a Position as a Market Leader Among the “Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023” by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant.

General Electric (GE) is a renowned global conglomerate with a significant presence in the smart grid sector. The company has been recognized as the “Market Leader” in the prestigious ” Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023″ by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant owing to its robust product portfolio and its wide geographical presence. With its extensive experience and expertise in the energy and electrical industries, GE plays a pivotal role in advancing smart grid technologies and solutions.

The company’s Grid Solutions, a GE Renewable Energy business, focuses on building a more resilient and reliable grid. It provides power utilities and industries worldwide with equipment, systems, and services. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of smart grid solutions for generation, transmission, and distribution. Some of the solutions offered by the company include Digital substation solutions, Microgrid Control System, N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System, JungleMUX SONET Multiplexer, and Kelman TRANSFIX On-line Dissolved Gas Analyzer. The company’s Global Research Center is helping to keep GE at the forefront of Smart Grid innovation by actively developing advanced technologies.

The acknowledgment of General Electric (GE) as a market leader among the “Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023” signifies the company’s enduring commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. GE’s role in shaping the future of energy distribution and management remains pivotal, as the world advances toward more efficient, resilient, and sustainable energy systems.

Cisco Recognized as a Contender in “ Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023″ by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant

As a contender in the smart grid sector, Cisco has showcased its expertise in networking, connectivity, and digital solutions. The company’s solutions enable secure, efficient, and reliable communication within the smart grid ecosystem, facilitating the seamless integration of advanced technologies into traditional energy grids. Cisco’s role in smart grids is not limited to technology alone, it extends to understanding market trends and dynamics for the adoption of advanced grid technologies.

The company offers substation and distribution automation, smart meters, Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), field area networking, operational safety and security. It also offers grid security solutions which include network segmentation, authentication, authorization, and accounting, operational visibility and insights, threat detection and mitigation, and incident response. Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) technologies play a crucial role in connecting millions of devices and sensors within the smart grid ecosystem. This connectivity enables real-time data collection, analysis, and control. The company collaborates with other technology providers, research institutions, and industry stakeholders to drive innovation in the smart grid sector.

This recognition by 360 Quadrants not only acknowledges Cisco’s significant market share but also its strong brand recognition, bolstered by a portfolio of cutting-edge products and services tailored to address diverse customer needs. Although Cisco may not provide an exhaustive array of offerings akin to market leaders, its undeniable influence and contributions to the smart grid industry are evident. Cisco’s deliberate focus on specific technologies and its commitment to establishing leadership within select segments position it as a prominent and forward-thinking participant in the field.

Itron Recognized as an Innovator in “ Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023″ by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant

Itron is a leading company that has advanced considerably in the smart grid sector. The company is well-known for its creative approach to smart grids, especially in revolutionizing traditional energy grids into intelligent systems driven by data. Its inclusion in the “Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023″ reflects its pioneering role in the smart grid industry, where its innovative strategies have established it as one of the leaders, leaving a substantial mark on the smart grid landscape. As an innovator, Itron offers a strong product lineup that stretches the industry’s limits with forward-looking methods. Itron, as an innovator, features a strong product portfolio that advances the smart grid industry with forward-thinking strategies. Although its market presence may be smaller than industry leaders’ at present, Itron has the potential to rise and become a significant player, fueled by its innovative spirit and dedication to excellence.

The company offers a wide product portfolio of solutions for smart grids, these include AMI, AMR, A native IPv6 communication architecture for full Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) services, A standards-based architecture, Distribution automation and intelligence support, distributed energy resources (DER), Active smart grid analytics (ASA) software tools, and Customer engagement through integrated home area network (HAN) communication for gas meter reading, data presentation, demand response, dynamic rates, direct load control and EV smart charging with support for a variety of standards-based Smart Energy communications protocols among its some of the services.

As an Innovator, Itron continues to inspire the industry with its innovative approach to Smart Grid excellence, setting new standards for the future.

S&C Electric Gained Recognition as an Emerging Company in the “ Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023″ by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant.

S&C Electric is renowned for its innovative solutions that enhance the reliability and efficiency of electrical grids. The company’s core focus lies in developing and providing intelligent power solutions that enable utilities and grid operators to manage energy distribution with precision. This commitment to innovation and reliability has solidified S&C Electric’s position as a trusted partner in the Smart Grid industry. Leveraging its extensive expertise, the company has been acknowledged as an Emerging Leader in the “Top 21 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023.”

As a renowned global provider of smart grid solutions, S&C Electric has strategically positioned itself as a key player in the industry, offering a comprehensive array of advanced products and services that drive progress in Smart Grid technologies. Its product portfolio includes Self-Healing Grids, Energy Storage, Microgrids, Fault Management, and IntelliCap Automatic Capacitor Controls & Sensors among its products.

S&C Electric Company, with a dedicated focus, offers specialized expertise, precise support, adaptable terms, and competitive pricing in the Smart Grid sector. While the company may have certain limitations, it stands as the preferred choice for specific use cases due to its strategic approach to expanding sales initiatives and broadening its client base. S&C Electric’s commitment to addressing specialized requirements and its ongoing growth aligns well with industry dynamics.

As global market dynamics continue to evolve, General Electric, Cisco, Itron, and S&C Electric remain at the forefront of innovation, setting benchmarks for excellence in the Smart Grid landscape. Their inclusion in the “Top 21 Smart Grid companies, Worldwide 2023” by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant reaffirms their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to a dynamic and ever-changing market.

360 Quadrants Scoring Methodology

360 Quadrants employs a comprehensive and transparent scoring methodology to evaluate companies. It identifies relevant evaluation criteria, collects, and validates data from multiple sources, and employs an algorithm that considers parameter weights to generate scores. Normalization ensures fair comparisons, and the aggregated scores categorize solutions into quadrants such as Market Leaders, Contenders, Innovators, and Emerging Companies. This unbiased approach equips users with accurate information, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and select solutions that best suit their needs and objectives.

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