ICC Camp S1 Officially Launched, First Batch of Signed Projects Announced

ICC Camp S1 Officially Launched, First Batch of Signed Projects Announced

Web3 Games – Breaking into the Mainstream Market

HongKong, 2024-Mar-29 — /EPR Network/ — As the Web3 industry moves into mainstream markets, the development of Web3 games continues to captivate the public’s attention, bringing in a significant influx of non-industry players and user traffic to the Web3 sector. The progress of Web3 games is a sector consistently followed and researched by Web3 native professionals and also considered a breakthrough eagerly anticipated by many traditional game entrepreneurs.

Despite the industry winter in the past two years, with many resilient entrepreneurs striving to survive and continuously improving game products and their operations in a subdued market, high-quality Web3 game projects consistently stood out in the cold spell. With the rapid rise of blockchain technology, an increasing number of Web2 game developers have joined Web3 gaming, injecting fresh and outstanding productivity. Today, the global Web3 game market has gained increasing attention and continues to grow, with a market value reaching several billion dollars.

With the bull market already beginning, the market is set to thrive again. Entrepreneurs and investors will have more opportunities for benefits, ushering in a new wave of entrepreneurial and investment enthusiasm in the Web3 gaming industry, a prime time for entrepreneurs to enter the scene.

ICC Camp – A Guiding Light for Entrepreneurs

As an accelerator focused on Web3 gaming entrepreneurship, ICC Camp is committed to cultivating and supporting outstanding entrepreneurs in the Web3 gaming industry, providing students with systematic high-quality offline courses, introducing rich industry resources, and offering substantial financial support.

In the current industry opportunity, ICC Camp will also invite numerous mentors from well-known institutions within the industry to interpret industry trends, share successful experiences, provide in-depth insights, and open up new perspectives on the Web3 gaming ecosystem for ICC Camp S1 entrepreneurs, assisting entrepreneurs on their innovative journeys.

ICC Camp has assigned a full-time dedicated mentor to each student from the first day of their enrollment, providing them with personalized and professional guidance throughout their journeys in ICC Camp. These five full-time dedicated mentors possess extensive experience in the Web3 industry and will share deeper industry insights during one-on-one coaching sessions with students. The five full-time mentors are:

  • Kevin Shao – Bitrise Capital Co-Founder, ABGA Executive President, ICC GROUP Advisor
  • Simon Li – Chain Capital Co-Founder, Kirin Fund Co-Founder, ABGA Executive Vice-President
  • Alex Yang – Blockhive Capital Founder
  • James Fang – PangaCapital Partner
  • Byrn – Senior investor in GameFi, DeFi, Web3

List of mentors for ICC Camp S1:

In addition, ICC Camp S1 has received support and recognition from many well-known institutions in the Web3 industry, including but not limited to prominent exchanges, VCs, Public Chains, Cloud Service Providers, Infrastructure Partners, Gaming Distribution Platforms, Launchpads, Traffic Platforms, Wallets, Media, Communities, KOL, Guilds, Daos, etc. ICC Camp have strategically partnered with institutions such as Gate Labs, Foresight Ventures, KuCoin Ventures, SlowMist, GSR, Bing Ventures, dtcpay, Alchemy Pay, TokenPocket, MixMarvel, Yeeha, Google Cloud, imToke, ABCDE, TZ APAC, RootData, Chain Catcher, PA News, Jinse Finance, BlockTempo, DeThings, among others. By integrating the strengths of various parties, ICC Camp aims to jointly build a robust global Web3 game ecosystem, supporting the vibrant development of outstanding startup teams in the future Web3 gaming.

Among these partnerships, the world’s leading blockchain content incubation platform, MixMarvel, will provide ICC Camp with a series of ecological support, scholarships for outstanding students, special investment project support, blockchain grants for gaming, and assistance with game publishing through Upchain. The premier content distribution platform, Yeeha, will enhance ICC Camp’s visibility by providing student platform traffic support. The leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity, TZ APAC, will offer substantial grants and ecological support for ICC Camp, strongly supporting outstanding start-up projects. The top auditing institution SlowMist will provide exclusive discounts for outstanding projects of ICC Camp, while Google Cloud will offer up to $100,000 in credits and additional support within the Google ecosystem.

ICC Camp has selected 29 outstanding Web3 game projects from hundreds of applications to officially join the camp, covering various sub-sectors including GameFi, Fully On-Chain Game, Metaverse, SpotiFy, Rental-Based Gaming Platforms, Traffic Platforms, etc.

The official announcement list of the first batch of signed projects for ICC Camp S1 is as follows (in alphabetical order, without specific ranking):

Start-up projects are still in the process of being signed, so stay tuned for more updates from  ICC Camp.

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Telegram: https://t.me/iccombinator_official 

E-mail: camp@iccombinator.com 

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