Myimage Sounds release debut EP album ‘Summer’

LONG BEACH, Calif., January 29, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — The pop hip-hop EDM band Myimage Sounds have released their debut EP album “Summer” and looks ahead to more music this year. The record comes with three singles and it has been proudly published on the Myimage Sounds record label. Upbeat, mellow, extremely danceable and infectiously warm, “Summer” from Myimage Sounds is a pop record for listeners, dancers, and fun lovers everywhere.

Myimage Sounds are musicians and songwriters Ora B and Mickey C. Their new “Summer” EP has been variously categorized as pop, hip-hop rap, electronica, EDM. This is due to the band’s unique tones and textures, which do not lend themselves well to generic terminology. Simply plunge
into their music and forget about yourself.

“Actually,” writes Ora B, “musicians and fans have told us we are very original and should simply stick to our sound, style. Now that we are releasing this EP we are keen to be told by fans and musicians who we sound like.”

Myimage Sounds have described their current artistic mode as “blending hip-hop, pop, rap and EDM in our own way, and we are just doing this because we love music, and we love our fans.”

Asked to cite some musical influences, the group first list their favorite kinds of music: “We like a wide range of musical genres like hip-hop, EDM, pop, rap, electronica, urban, R&B and rock …” They go on
to note that they listen and enjoy top music charts, and not only, and they name a few specifics: “We like artists/bands like Nicki Minaj, Ellie Goulding,, Jason Derulo, Zedd and many others.”

So, if so far you still wonder what “Summer” by Myimage Sounds actually feels like when listened to, it will easily make sense once you hear what Myimage Sounds have done on their record. A thread of fun, celebration, and lighthearted sensuality runs throughout.

There are notes of realism, too, such as in their “Having a Good Time” single, which is patterned after the feeling of having a genuine crush and was inspired by a real dream Ora B had. The track has been released with an official music video (link provided below). Watch “All About” video and meet Ora on the beach all about you. Or, listen to “Summer “and travel to a hot love summer place.

It is outstanding how these guys come out on the EP with three songs not sounding alike, not using the same recipe. When listening, you find out that each song goes in a slightly different direction, using different form, structure, sounds, and so, but you can see they all belong to these guys’ style. And
talking about this, their songs fit various listeners music taste, and current trend in music. Overall, the song themes are teen-adult love, crushes, being a girlfriend or boyfriend and so.

To their listeners Myimage Sounds write, “Ora and Mickey love you, and wanna make you feel good and have a good time. Thank you for being a fan of Myimage Sounds. We love you!”

“Summer” by Myimage Sounds is available online worldwide at over 700 digital music retailers now.
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