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Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2017-Jul-31 — /EPR Network/ — An alien astronaut transmitting the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad may sound bizarre to many and especially for believers. But this is how the second largest religion in the world got its Holy Book according to Morten St. George, a widely followed ancient astronaut investigator. In fact, he cites numerous references in a detailed story where he looks into the verse of Quran and the events during the life of Muhammad and immediately after him which substantiate this theory.

Morten considers this theory to be a chance discovery as he wasn’t specifically studying Islam or the life of Muhammad. It concerns the time when the construction of the Nazca Lines was taking place. These are believed by some to have alien connections as neither scientists nor historians have been able to explain the origins of these giant geoglyphs. The fact that they were constructed around the same time as life of Muhammad makes this theory really intriguing.

Followers of Islam widely believe that Gabriel, an archangel, was sent by God to deliver the first chapter to Muhammad. In fact, this Archangel finds mention in all Abrahamic religions including Judaism and Christianity. Morten St. George in his research says It may be worthwhile to consider the possibility that the Alien Astronaut of the Andes wrote the Quran (Koran) and then fabricated the archangel Gabriel to deliver it to Muhammad.While most believers of Islam have their own theories and tales about their Holy Book, the author carefully looks into each of these possibilities from a rational point of view and makes some very interesting points.

This theory is a must read for believers of Islam as well as people who share the enthusiasm of digging deep into the knowledge of the past. If you wish to know more about this theory and many such interesting theories that look at the influence of aliens in our lives you can visit his official website

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Morten St. George ( is an independent ancient astronaut investigator and the author of many articles that have been widely dispersed on the Internet. He is also the author of a book called Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics.


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