New Book Explains Why Women Love Shopping

New Book Gives scientific Reasons Why Women Love Shopping, Why Men Love Boxing, And More

Chicago, Illinois, USA  2017-Jul-31 — /EPR Network/ — A new book that explains the real reasons why women love shopping is now available in Kindle e-book format on The title of this e-book is “Why Women Love Shopping, Why Men Love Boxing, And More” and is available at

Women love shopping but are unable to explain exactly why they love shopping. Men love to watch aggressive live boxing matches, but cannot explain why they enjoy such activities. Additional examples of seemingly baffling behavior abound. Why do some children who fall into ice water go on to survive up to an hour without oxygen? Why do so many people defer to the opinions of others above their opinion of themselves? Why makes street gangs around the world exhibit closely similar behavior? What makes many people become lazy in the afternoon? How do self-help groups motivate people who cannot motivate themselves? Includes science references.


Chapter One: Why Women Love Shopping

Chapter Two: Men And Aggression

Chapter Three: Why Men Love Boxing

Chapter Four: Frustration And Aggression

Chapter Five: Conformity And Groups

Chapter Six: Laziness And The Siesta Gene

Chapter Seven: Why Self-Help Groups Work

Chapter Eight: Children Who Don’t Drown In Ice Water

Chapter Nine: Vestiges Of The Past



For More Information, Read Excerpts Online At:

Amazon Kindle E-Book Format. This e-book is 21,700 words in length.

Contact: (217) 417-0185   WhyWomenLoveShoppingBook [at) gmail [dot) com


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