Rock Jam Band Brian McShea And The Sidemen Release  EP “Real People, Not Actors’

Rock Jam Band Brian McShea And The Sidemen Release  EP “Real People, Not Actors’

LOS ANGELES, USA, 2018-Jul-06 — /EPR Network/ — Brian McShea and The Sidemen just released a new EP called, Real People, Not Actors. Earlier this year, they had released three singles from their EP including; “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It,” “Stephanie,” and “Mr. Davis, You’re Famous,” all of which have become quite popular on Spotify. Whether it’s for chill summer nights or rocking out with friends, Brian McShea and The Sidemen have songs that everyone wants to hear about. An article on AmericanPancake describes the Brian McShea and The Sidemen experience:


“…like you are standing in some sort of rarefied space populated with horn players who may or may not be wearing silky shirts. People of all colors and political views just feeling the intoxication of the vibe.”

American Pancake, Robb Donker


Gaining popularity on Spotify, they have exponentially grown their stream count 11,400% and follower count 467% over the last month with the release of their first 3 singles off the new album. Their songs have been personally selected for independently curated playlists, such as Verano Hits 2018 (35,000 followers), Formation (30,000 followers), and Familiar with 24,000 followers as well as other playlists totaling well over 200,000 followers.


The first release off of the EP, Real People, Not Actors “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” has been described as:

“A perfect combination of a band jam session mixed with crowd appeal that will have fans getting up, ready to dance to their beat.”

Get Some Magazine, Rita Bakelaar


Real People, Not Actors is now streaming on Spotify and available for download at Amazon and iTunes .


“People sure don’t get high like they used to

Livin’ up around nine like they used to

Bright nights, marquee lights

It feels like years”


About Brian McShea and the Sidemen: Brian McShea and the Sidemen is dedicated to creating music with a purpose. The ideas of the songs are to be about friendship, love, and relationships. Brian McShea and the Sidemen do this by combining the styles of singer/songwriter, jazz, and alternative rock with their guitars, trumpets, and drum sections.









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