Advancing IT Industry Taking the India Structured Cabling Market Forward

India Structured Cabling Market

Ever-increasing digitization, supported by the national government’s Digital India initiative, is taking the India structured cabling market forward. Companies in the country are looking to make their campuses world-class and intelligent while saving money at the same time with the implementation of structured cabling.

Besides, India is experiencing phenomenal advancements in the IT industry, which relies heavily on structured cabling. The rising number of data centers is also proving conducive to the growth of the sector, as such places are storehouses of data that needs to be effectively stored, managed, and protected.

It also makes possible the integration and management of data in an office building or the larger IT milieu. Since copper is the most commonly used metal in structured cables, fluctuating copper prices affect the market growth to some extent.

As the application of IT increases in the country, so will the size and value of the domain. The structured cabling market in India is set to double by 2023. Simply put, structured cabling includes all the wiring and associated electronics that help devices like computers and phones communicate with each other.

Similarly, 90-degree UTP patch panels were launched by DIGISOL Systems Ltd. in the Indian structured cabling market the same year in a bid to expand its portfolio.

The future of the industry is expected to be bright, considering the rapid advancement in India’s IT field and growing need for structured cabling.

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