Brillmindz technologies announces support in using advanced technologies for managing the operations across diverse industries amidst Covid-19

Technology is providing a way to overcome this pandemic by providing many innovative solutions. Brillmindz is an experienced software and mobile app development company that has announced its help for providing creative technological solutions in dealing the impact on businesses.

Bengaluru, India, 2020-Jul-15 — /EPR Network/ — The outbreak of Corona-virus (Covid-19) has brought global activities to a standstill. Even though the modern world has seen huge scientific advancements and the advent of technologies at the service. Still, there is no potential medicine available and governments are implementing lock-downs and quarantine measures to stop the spread of the disease. The spread of the disease and measures from governments has hit badly across all sectors by disrupting the daily flow of operations. The global network has overcome many virus outbreaks effectively earlier such as Zika, Nipah, SARS, Ebola, H1N1, etc. This was possible with the exact implementation of advanced technologies and software solutions. Similarly, in the case of the COVID-19, technologies and mobile app development companies have helped detect and monitor the spread of the epidemic. They have been helping various sectors to carry on with their routine operations.

Technologies helping in managing the business amidst Covid-19:

Virtual Offices:

As there were lock-downs across multiple cities in the world, many companies are forced to temporarily shut down their workplaces to stop the spread of the epidemic. There is a high possibility of spreading the virus even if one employee is infected. Many major countries are following the same procedure to restrict the threat to employees from the Corona-virus. This shutdown of offices may cause severe loss to business and the economy. Technology has come to the rescue to stop the losses due to such measures. Virtual office software has enabled employees to work constantly without the necessity of physically going to the office. These situations have posed many challenges to both high-level leaderships and employees to stay connected. But many advanced software solutions are constantly helping to handle those challenges.


The education sector is highly affected due to the outbreak of the Corona-virus epidemic. There is a special note from healthcare experts and WHO about the vulnerability of children and elderly persons to the virus. Due to these reasons, schools and other educational institutions across the globe have been shut down until an unknown period. Even in this sector, advanced software education solutions are helping to keep the continuity of education. Virtual classrooms, library management, and other e-learning solutions are comprehensively aiding the system. These technologies have allowed children to be at home while also be on top of their academics. Meanwhile, it is also useful for school management and teachers to be efficient while using these technologies. Therefore, the majority of schools are turning to these education solutions for continuing their operations.


One of the major industries that are stressed completely due to the Corona-virus outbreak is healthcare. The hospitals are already overflowing with Corona-virus patients who are infected and other people who want to test their symptoms. Telemedicine software lets people with minimal infection symptoms to get medical guidance with phone, video calls, and messages. Remote monitoring of patients is made possible with the use of this telemedicine facilities. This has been useful for patients suffering from other diseases. In the times of this pandemic, they can book appointments, carry consultation, and get medicine prescriptions from the doctors effectively. Even medicines are delivered to doorsteps with the aid of these mobile healthcare solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics have transformed the healthcare industry in recent years. This has been very useful in the times of the Covid-19 outbreak especially for healthcare professionals who are in the front-line service. They could stay at a safe distance from the infected individuals and provide necessary treatment.

Digital Commerce:

As there are lock-downs all over the place, all the retail shops and other shopping centres have been closed. Even people are confined to the homes, which has led to no business even in essential goods shops. This issue has been solved by E commerce solutions and been of great help for both vendors and customers. It has given a great place to continue businesses even during this pandemic. Customers can stay at home and shop for their necessary goods without the danger of being infected. Mobile eCommerce apps have made online shopping experience extra user-friendly.

Financial Services:

All the financial institutions and banks have been shut down in these lock-downs or operating with minimal employees. In recent years, software solutions have been very helpful in the financial industry. Online and mobile banking apps have allowed for performing any banking transaction from anyplace. Digital wallets, internet banking solutions, POS solutions, etc have largely transformed the financial industry. The dependency of other online industries on these online banking technologies has been crucial. But these technologies have proven to be critical in the times of lock-downs. All types of businesses are reliant on using these services and keep the finances moving amidst this lock-down.

Brillmindz announces support in developing useful technological solutions:

Brillmindz is an experienced and reliable digital player that has been aiding different types of businesses to solve their problems. It is a forerunner among the top software and mobile app development companies with a team of skilful engineers. They have proven their worth by developing many worthwhile solutions depending on the client’s requirements. The company’s digital transformation solutions and advanced mobile apps have been ranging across a wide range of industries. Brillmindz technologies have extended their aid in developing advanced technological solutions to tackle Covid-19 impact.

CEO of Brillmindz technologies Sarwar Ahmed has emphasised the necessity of advanced technologies in the current situation. “Advanced technologies have been vital in transforming modern business operations. They have been crucial for the success of business across all industries while also helping them to reach their target customers. The importance of these advanced technologies has surged in the times of the Corona-virus pandemic. We at Brillmindz, follow a customer-oriented approach that will aid all types of companies irrespective of their size. We help in implementing customised solutions that ensure to meet the specific requirements of our clients.”

During this pandemic, technology could be a fruitful way to induce optimism for businesses across all sectors.

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