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San Francisco, CA., 2020-Sep-10 — /EPR Network/ — San Francisco based Frog Data launches the Automotive Industry’s 1st AI Factory designed to provide big data based AI solutions.

The FrogDataAI Factory is the automotive industry’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Factory for retail operations. Built on a big data platform  and driven by software algorithms, the FrogDataAI Factory will change the way dealerships operate in the future.

The FrogDataAI Factory has at its core a vast database that aggregates all the data within a dealership and by design can accommodate virtually any form of data – CRM, DMS, Web Analytics, IoT, Social Media, and other sources can be incorporated. Intelligent agents leverage the power of high-performance cloud computing to crunch that vast data and deliver actionable insights and predictions. The FrogDataAI Factory is run by a team of IT Specialists, Decision Analysts and Automotive Subject Matter Experts who make the AIFactory a real asset to help dealers.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the FrogDataAI Factory which will enabe auto dealerships to compete in a rapidly changing business environment” said Tej Soni, CEO of FrogData. “The new age of automotive retail will be built on data and The FrogDataAI Factory has already delivered answers to some vexing problems in vehicle pricing and marketing spend optimization”

The FrogDataAI Factory is an outcome of years of development and feedback from hundreds of active users on the original FrogData platform which delivers enhanced DMS& CRM Reporting. The AI Factory adds to FrogData’s capabilities in rapid development of Intelligent Apps that can be used to run day to day operations at a dealership.

The FrogDataAI Factory is situated at the intersection of AI, IoTand Cloud Computing, giving it the ability to scale easily. While the initial implementation is for automotive retail, FrogData is already working on products around After-Market Parts Distribution, Reputation Analytics and Sales Automation.

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About FrogData:

FrogData is the automotive industry leader in data analytics. FrogData Analytics Platform delivers Advanced Reporting, Business Insights and Predictive Analytics to Auto Dealers, helping them make better decisions to improve their business performance. FrogData is based in San Francisco, CA.(

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