Problems faced by online businesses and ways to tackle them.

Evolution of technology has paved the way for multiple type of businesses to go online. But, there are few problems faced by them in their quest to lead the competition which can be solved if they have partnered with a reliable digital service provider..

Bangalore, India, 2020-Sep-17 — /EPR Network/ — The upsurge of digitisation across all sectors of business has transformed their way of operation. There is no need for customers to head to brick and mortar stores for their purchases. Everything is available online, thanks to the easily accessible internet solutions. Due to this, eCommerce companies have been extending their services to all types of goods and services. But along with this growth, there is also a steep rise in competition across multiple online platforms. In the process of leading the industry, online businesses face many types of problems and the one who manages to tackle it efficiently has more chances of success.

Problems faced by online businesses and ways to tackle them:

Following old-school selling practices:

Even though businesses have their presence online, they still believe in following the traditional approach to selling. They are not bothered about knowing the customer behaviour and purchase patterns that could aid them in driving their sales in the present e-commerce environment.

Breakdown of visitors allows online businesses to know and communicate with their visitors depending on their customer journey, previous talks, location, surfing patterns, and much more information. This will offer good insights and help them to plan on customer necessities by offering a customised service. Such practices will surely lead to positive conversions.

Lacking online identity verification:

If your online business portal is unaware of the customer information as soon as they sign-up, then you will not know if the data is genuine. For instance, purchases are performed as Cash-On-Delivery (COD) using an invalid phone number or address will cause fraudulent transactions leading to revenue loss.

As a business owner, your portal must have the ability to check for any fraudulent activity. It may be in verifying the address, email, and phone number, sudden order of high values, or invalid Ids. You have to accurately check for customer validations to ensure they are genuine.

Making a Customer Friendly Payment:

Providing multiple online payment methods to customers will be helpful to increase their convenience to choose their preferences. Studies have shown that the majority of cart abandonment happens during a transaction process as they are unable to find a suitable payment method or other complication during payment.

It is key to offer all types of payment options to the customer during the checkout phase. Hence, choose an appropriate payment gateway that provides multiple payment methods with affordable transaction charges and a smooth transaction process. This decision will resolve the worries linked to payment issues.

Choosing the right online service provider:

You must be a technological expert if you want to set up your online website store or mobile app yourself. It is also not an easier job to market your items or services on the internet if you are not well-versed of the in and outs of online promotions. There are instances where online businesses struggling to succeed in their ventures due to improper technology use or associating with inexperienced online service providers to manage the ventures. Your marketing campaigns may go for a toss for a prolonged period. Therefore, it is important to choose a skilful and experienced digital transformation expert to do the job.

It is evident that even if you are aware of technology, you may want to concentrate on your business process to ensure that it is moving on the right path. Hence, for the optimal performance of an online business, it is wiser if you associate with the right website and mobile app development company. They should have a team of experts who can develop and test your online product, write attractive content, and promote the business in a way that leads to more conversions. This will also help you to focus on and ensure your business to be business-friendly, innovative, and professional.

Product descriptions for search optimisation:

Product descriptions must contain all the relevant and apt information about the products and services you are selling. Neglecting this area or concentrating too much on search engine crawlers leads to contents that are irrelevant to human readers.

A good online service provider will ensure to have proper descriptions and exact details for the product or service. They will contain professional content writers who will engage the users with attractive content and stimulate them to sell. Maximising and utilising the right keywords to suit the SEO is a crucial step in your process.


Competition has hit hard on all types of online businesses. Therefore, it is always key to be on top of the pricing and updates on products/services you are selling. If you build a good value for your brand, then customers will always choose you over the other competitors. Having a uniqueness from the rest of the competition is key in appealing customers to your business. It is only possible if your website or mobile app is professional and optimised properly to match the search engine policies. Additionally, knowing the audience mindset will help you in deciding which is the right channel for your business to convert into sales.

Building Customer Loyalty:

In online business, many people just neglect the customers once a sale is completed. But, similar to the offline setting, a major challenge for online businesses to keep the customer loyal to their business. As there will be no physical conversation between a customer and vendor, the sales happen purely dependent on the reliability and online presence. Hence, it is crucial to building customer loyalty with proper after-sales support and service. Offer exciting offers and discounts to existing customers so that they do not have the option to look elsewhere. Keep an eye on optimising your online reviews and rating so that you sustain a positive online presence.

Bottom line:

Online businesses may have many goals to achieve in the long run, but it is possible only if they act wisely and associate with a reliable digital service provider and expert mobile app development company. They could help you in transforming your brand like never before with constant enhancement in sales revenue figures.


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