How Technology Is Helping Fighting Coronavirus?

Delhi, India, 2021-Jul-29 — /EPR Network/ — With the outbreak of this deadly coronavirus and it being declared as pandemic, all the entities in the world are trying to take all possible precautionary measures at their respective levels. From travel restrictions posed by many national governments to different combating steps taken by various companies in IT, airlines, logistics, hospitalities etc. sector to precautionary steps taken at individuals levels, everyone in the world is being as protective and as defensive as possible. This pandemic disease and wiped off trillions of dollar of wealth worldwide since its outbreak.

Thanks to the technology and rapid precautionary actions taken by the government and people in curtailing the widespread of this disease. Though tech industry is badly smashed by this coronavirus, it is technology only which is helping people is being safe by detecting this disease at an early phase says Mr. Tauseef Anwar, Director and Co-Founder (Pixel Values Technolabs)

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is playing a super important role in China, the epicenter of the disease. The thermal scanners installed at various major places in China, automatically indicates the body temperature of the individual when they pass through this scanners along with their infrared image. This use of AI and Big Data has greatly helped in smoothly managing the crowd even during such panic situations.

Few more ways by which technology is helping in fighting this disease are:

  • AI is also being used to identify, track and forecast outbreaks.
  • Blockchain Technology Platform is helping in speeding up the claim processing without face to face interaction.
  • Drones are helping in delivering medical supplies.
  • Robots are helping in delivering food supplies, cleaning the diseases impacted areas and many other tasks.
  • Technology is playing an important role in developing drugs.
  • Chatbots are offering free online health consultation.
  • Since Cryptocurrencies are virtual they do not carry any virus or bacteria unlike the physical currencies.
  • Social Media Marketing is also helping in spreading the awareness about this contagious disease.


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