Trade Tech Unveils Next Generation User Interface Syrinx

Revolutionizing Global Trade with a Unified Interface to Streamline Operations

Seattle, WA, USA, 2024-Feb-05 — /EPR Network/ — Trade Tech Inc., an industry-leading global logistics platform, continues its commitment to innovation by completing the rollout of Syrinx, the next generation of its fully integrated global logistics user interface. Leveraging modern Web 2.0 technology, Syrinx is designed with a focus on intuitive operation and swift performance, key attributes that elevate its importance in the logistics industry.

A primary objective in uniting diverse stakeholders is ensuring the interface is user-friendly and highly responsive. Effective collaboration with customers requires a platform that is not only professional in appearance but also effortless and quick to navigate. Syrinx transcends the traditional scope of a mere website to enter a booking; it embodies the essence of interoperability. It stands at the forefront of digital transformation, fostering global data sharing, seamless communication, and interaction between supply chain service providers and their customers, a vital aspect of modern digitalization.

Eliminating data silos and fragmented systems, Syrinx simplifies logistics processes by unifying global operations and streamlining data access to support informed decision making—while also offering an engaging, easy-to-use interface.

● Unified Operations: Integrate various functionalities into a single unified platform and enable seamless coordination and communication across different aspects of logistics operations. Syrinx eliminates data silos and provides a holistic view of the entire supply chain.
● Efficiency and Productivity: Streamline workflows and processes by eliminating the need to switch between different systems. The platform allows users to boost productivity simply by having all functionality and tasks within a single interface.
● Scalability and Adaptability: Syrinx is infinitely scalable to meet evolving business needs. Businesses can add new functionalities or modules to the platform as requirements evolve. This flexibility supports business growth without the need for extensive overhauls or investments into new systems.
● Engaging Interface: Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, the Syrinx Web 2.0 Full Stack RESTful Interface rides on APIs and offers response times of no more than two seconds except for large reports. To look at multiple shipments at one time, the interface showcases data in a format that resembles a spreadsheet that can be filtered, sorted, edited, and selected with the ability to scroll down. To review a broad assortment of shipment-specific data, the system offers full-screen layouts that mimic Bill of Lading documents to help users quickly find data.

“Our goal was to develop an interface that was so good looking that our customers wanted to spend more time on it; wanted to play around and see all the ways it could help streamline their operations and simplify their lives. While the offerings are robust, we also wanted it to be straightforward and intuitive so that no one needed an in-depth manual to use it,” said Bryn Heimbeck, President, Trade Tech.

Unleashing Efficiency in Global Logistics

Syrinx is not simply a platform; it acts as a control tower that sets new standards in the movement of international cargo from origin to final destination. Featuring an intuitive and simple-to-use interface, Syrinx empowers businesses to effortlessly plan, execute, and optimize their logistics processes.

“Imagine customs agencies and carriers, whether its ocean, motor, rail or air, communicating in real time, harmoniously collaborating with clients and their trading partners across the globe. Syrinx serves as the interconnected hub, streamlining communication and facilitating swift decision-making, no matter the geographical distances involved,” said Mr. Heimbeck.

Key Features and Integrations

● Trade Rates Suite: Managing rates in a complicated and error-prone process. The Syrinx platform consolidates ocean and air rates, accessorials, and local charges with greater than 99% accuracy and offers additional features such as a pre-built Cost Optimizer, Customer Profiles, and Quick Quotes.

● Trade Manager: Designed to manage the logistics workflow with ease. Trade Manager is a multi-faceted solution that enhances global supply chains by synchronizing and managing all-mode operational events collaboratively.

● Trade Chain: Offers end-to-end supply chain visibility and execution, managing purchase orders for all transport modes globally.

● Trade Security: Efficiently manages advance manifest security filings and quickly addresses Customs concerns for smooth operations.

● Trade Cash: A full financial package compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and multicurrency. The system handles numerous currencies per shipment file as required by the user.

Empowering Growth with Syrinx and Trade Tech:

For more than 25 years, Trade Tech has been at the forefront of empowering supply chain managers with optimal systems. Speaking to the ongoing need for advanced solutions in international logistics, Bryn Heimbeck had this to say, “Our journey has always been about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in logistics technology. Syrinx is the latest testament to our commitment to revolutionize the industry.”

“Syrinx isn’t just another platform; it’s a game-changer poised to revolutionize your logistics operations, unleashing untapped potential and newfound efficiency.”

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