FeedWells Invests in Two Local Tennessee Farms To Supply Fresh, Locally-Sourced Produce for Enhanced School Meal Programs

This Investment Underscores FeedWells' Commitment to Reinventing Student Dining and Combating Food Insecurity through their Nutritious Meals

MEMPHIS, TN, 2024-Feb-19 — /EPR Network/ — FeedWells, a nationally recognized organization addressing food insecurity and nourishing student bodies and minds through student-curated, locally-sourced, nutritious meals, announced today the company has invested in two local farms. This advances FeedWells’ mission to provide fresh, balanced meals and educational initiatives to students. Through this investment, FeedWells aims to incorporate locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables into their nutritious student meal programs beginning January 29, 2024.


The two local farms, each spanning 10 acres of land, focus on cultivating a diverse range of produce, including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, strawberries, and blueberries. Through this investment, FeedWells can more effectively ensure students have access to fresh fruits and vegetables in their school meal options. Beyond locally-sourced dining options, students will also have the opportunity to participate in learning activities at the farms on topics including hydroponic and traditional farming. The immersive educational component aligns with FeedWells’ mission to provide nourishing meals and educate students on agricultural practices, ultimately fostering a deeper connection between the students and the food they consume. 


“We are thrilled to be investing in these local farms and to be making this significant step forward in reinventing student dining,” said BreAnna Boyd, Founder and CEO of FeedWells. “By harvesting fresh produce in this farm-to-school initiative, we’ll be able to better enhance students’ overall well-being and academic performance. We’re looking forward to continuing finding new ways to connect food and community to foster an even healthier, and more sustainable, future for our students.”


This follows FeedWells’ recent initiative in support of the White House’s call to action for their efforts in combating child hunger and food insecurity. This new investment also aligns with the White House’s request for food service providers to contribute to the growth and support of local agriculture.


About FeedWells

FeedWells is spearheading a culinary revolution in the realm of student dining, reshaping the way young minds access and enjoy their meals. In an era marked by the fusion of convenience and conscious eating, FeedWells stands as a beacon of innovation, committed to transforming food choices for students across campuses. Our mission is to empower students with a diverse, nourishing, and convenient dining experience that caters to their unique tastes, dietary preferences, and nutritional needs. From fostering partnerships with educational institutions to collaborating with local food providers, FeedWells is rewriting the narrative of student dining, ensuring that every meal is a flavorful, nutritious adventure. Recognized by the White House for efforts in combating child hunger and food insecurity, FeedWells is distinguished by its commitment to quality, community focus, and educational initiatives. Welcome to the future of student dining, where FeedWells is leading the way towards a healthier, tastier tomorrow. For more information on FeedWells, visit https://feedwells.com or find FeedWells on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube



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