Credit Slab Unveils New Charitable Initiative with Their Credit Slab Cares Website

Calgary, Alberta/Canada, December 8, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Credit Slab, as Canada’s leading advocate for ending credit illiteracy among Canadians, has expanded their philanthropic efforts by launching a brand new charitable initiative. Dubbed the Credit Slab Cares program, it is not defined as a charity or a for profit organization. The goal of this new initiative is to increase awareness, through exposure via their Credit Slab Cares website and participation and resources from company and staff, of causes and charitable organizations in which the Credit Slab company donates time and money. In this new initiative Credit Slab is renewing its commitment to not only the local community but on the national and international level by donating a portion of their profits to charitable causes such as children’s related funds, animal shelters, homeless foundations, food banks and various cancer initiatives. This is all while Credit Slab continues with its mission to educate Canadian consumers on credit and financial related issues.

Canada Credit Fix president and CEO Sheldon Wolf explains, “I am proud to announce our newest program for Credit Slab and NuLife. This program will not turn a profit for us, it will not make us any money and nor will it pay for fancy trips or new cars for me or any of my staff. On the other hand, each and every month it will make our world and our communities a little bit better.”

With Sheldon in a joint statement, Credit Slab President Trina Reinhart added, “I have always love to help and work within the community to make things better for those in need. Much of my life, I have worked with many outreach programs and have an extensive background in providing care to those within the community. Each day we go into work we cannot help but know how lucky we are to be so healthy, prosperous or successful. But these are things that can change and don’t represent everyone’s current situation. We must always appreciate our health and prosperity; however we must always express our thanks by helping and aiding those within our community that are not doing as well. I live by the words ‘Sharing is Caring’ and am very pleased to be involved with our newest Credit Slab program. The Credit Slab Cares initiative is only about giving and helping and this is one of the things that I do best.”

Previously active in the charity community through donations and volunteer efforts, Sheldon Wolf and Trina Reinhart have expanded the size and scope through their company’s participation in the Credit Slab Cares program. Credit Slab employees have already participated in numbers with their various charitable efforts. Previous charitable participations have included multiple causes and organizations throughout Calgary. Earlier in the year, Credit Slab employees volunteered time at Inn From the Cold, volunteering time in their kitchen and serving hot meals to families in need. Further donations and volunteer time had been given to the Calgary Food Bank. Empathetic towards the causes and concerns of families suffering from financial setbacks during the economic downturn, one of Credit Slab’s charitable goals is to ensure that the needs of these families are meet to better carry them through these tough times.

But if there is one cause close to the hearts of Credit Slab’s staff, it is their dedication towards animal charities. To quote Sheldon Wolf, “We firmly believe that animals are our best friends. We also believe that our pets are a large and fun part of our family. As an individuals and as a corporations we must all work together to insure our animals are responsibly cared for and loved.” In this goal, Credit Slab Cares donates time and resources towards such animal charities as the Little Mutts Society and the Calgary Humane Society.” Sheldon adds, “We are proud to continue our frequent donations and would like to thank the folks at the shelters for their amazing and hard work.”

Credit Slab has also conducted charitable efforts with their staff through various staff functions. In November and to raise cancer awareness, Credit Slab held their movember event, which included a staff moustache contest, a prize draw and a 50/50 raffle with the proceeds going to a cancer charity.

Credit Slab will also be adopting a family for the holidays. Choosing a local family, Credit Slab will become their Secret Santa, surprising the family by bringing gifts for the children, a fully stocked fridge for mom and even treats for their pets. Adopting the charitable policy of leaving nobody behind, Credit Slab will be adopting a family each month to help them through hard, trying times.

During the holidays Credit Slab will also be participating in the Winter Open House & Wish List Drive. Hosted during December 4th and 5th by Inn from the Cold, donations of food, clothing, hygiene and household items will be collected from the staff and donated to this worthwhile charitable cause, whom helps entire families get through hard times with hot meals, supplying personal necessities and offering social services.

The economic downturn has seen an increased demand on charitable services while they experience a decrease in charitable donations. With the Credit Slab Cares program, Credit Slab has set out to establish a trend in charitable action from corporations in the Calgary area and in Canada. They are renewing their commitment to help communities around the world by inspiring and teaching and education of credit values to more than 20,000 Canadians, while donating the profits to children’s related funds, animal shelters, homeless foundations, food banks and various cancer initiatives. Sheldon Wolf states, “I am very pleased and honored to be part of this program and will personally be involved in each and every endeavor! Let’s all make our life in our communities a better place, for everyone!”

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