Raushan Hammond Star of Steven Spielberg’s Hook Debuts Film Sequel

Hook VS Neverland Film Project

2017-Jun-14 — /EPR Network/ —

Hook VS Neverland

A sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 1991 Film Hook. By bringing back the lost classical family style type film’s from the 90’s, A former Lost Boy believes he can make this happen. Raushan Hammond (AKA Thudbutt) hopes to raise $25,000 to bring this film to life and showcase it worldwide for free to family going audiences.

On June 12, 2017 “Hook VS Neverland” launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter


“Hook” Directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1991, was a number one hit film which also became an instant cult classic. The movie Starred Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, and Bob Hoskins. After 25 years of its release,
Raushan Hammond who played one of the lead Lost Boys, has recently written and developed a full length screenplay, in which he not only reprises his role as “Thudbutt;” but we have also brought back several special characters from
the original film. Many fans of the film have been asking and dreaming of a day in which this film could be made into a sequel and bring back the classic look of the 90’s film style; bringing a fun film not only for mature audiences, but a film for the whole family to enjoy.

On the set of Hook, Robin Williams had told Mr. Hammond to keep the spirit
of Peter Pan alive, and that is the idea behind this movie. We are happy to bring our Fans Hook VS Neverland.

This film will answer many questions from the original film as to whatever happened to the Lost Boys after Pan left them and gave his beloved magical sword to Thudbutt. Along with bringing back Our Rogue Lost Boy with the Colorful Trihawk.

This film has been in Production for several weeks now and has solely been funded by Raushan Hammond.We seek to complete the film and release it by Christmas of 2017 solely for free completely online to those who enjoy family style films.


You can back Hook VS Neverland on the Kickstarter page now; With asking donations/contributions starting at just $1.00, Which even at that low price gets you not only a great incentive, but also a credit with your name at the end of the film.


About Raushan Hammond AKA Thudbutt Leader of the Lost Boys:

As a passionate Entrepreneur with over twenty five years of experience
in the Entertainment Industry, Raushan Hammond has also joined forces with some of the other great stunt men, and women from the original film, as well as fencing instructors and special effects to help bring this movie to life, (With vision along
with the help of all the other components that make doing a family film great.) Mr. Hammond believes this will bring back the lost classical style of film making and allow children to enjoy themselves like kids of the 90’s once did for a magical time of 120 min film.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/RuTpCOUZrww


If you would like any additional information, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Sandy Marie

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E-mail: raushan25@yahoo.com

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