Become a Labor Industry Disruptor.  Invest Early for Maximum Potential

CHICAGO, IL, 2018-Jan-04 — /EPR Network/ —­­ Chores R Us, LLC ­­ for the next 90 days, ChoreRelief™ is selling shares through an OPO (online public offering).


The next disruptive technology platform is selling equity in the rapidly growing technology on startengine.com.  ChoreRelief has potential to be the hottest investment since Bitcoin.


What makes ChoreRelief one of the likeliest-to-catch-fire ventures? At it’s core, the app levels the playing field by making hiring qualified help for household chores affordable to anyone, regardless of income.  ChoreRelief saves you time and money when you hire local contractors to help you with household chores like heavy cleaning, landscaping, plumbing and other general handiwork, which frees time for you to do what you actually love.

That principal is why ChoreRelief has a potential consumer-base of tens of millions.  ChoreRelief helps ordinary people of all backgrounds and socio-economic classes find that optimal life balance and make time for themselves and their families.  A study conducted by Harvard University and distributed in the diary PNAS http://www.pnas.org/content/114/32/8523.full found that life satisfaction was higher for those who paid another person to save them time.


ChoreRelief operates in today’s freelance driven labor market, which boasts 55M Gig Workers, a $1 Trillion market, and approximately $200B of gig work within labor and household projects (Reference articles: Forbes PYMNTS).

ChoreRelief has 15 unique features that make it a one of a kind app that succeeds in democratizing the labor workforce.

For Consumers:

  • The freedom to name their own price (budget) for the job.
  • Ability to pick the exact time they need the service.

For Independent Contractors:

  • Removes barriers to entry allowing them to compete in the digital age.
  • Ability to create a team and sub-contract their business for residual income.

To learn more about investing in ChoreRelief, the one-stop solution for people looking to get chores done but are on a budget or contractors and small businesses looking for a platform to start, manage or grow their business, go to the campaign page on startupengine.com – https://www.startengine.com/chorerelief1 or email tarik@chorerelief.com.

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