Tarps Now Announces New Line of Mesh Shade Tarps and Netting Materials Designed To Filter Sunlight and Protect Humans and Animals

Company offers new line of mesh that provides an extremely resilient form of UV radiation protection associated with extended exposure to sunlight

St. Joseph, USA, 2018-Mar-22 — /EPR Network/ — Sitting in the shade provided by a nearby tree might seem like a good idea to protect yourself from a sunburn, but how much protection does this type of shade really offer? As it turns out, not much at all. Spending hours in the direct sunlight can damage your skin, but dangerous UV radiation can reach and damage humans and animals in different ways. While direct sunlight is certainly dangerous, indirect radiation can also do a great deal of harm because the ultra-violet radiation associated with sunlight can bounce off surfaces such as glass, concrete, sand, grass and many other surfaces. By example, one can be sitting in the shade of an umbrella, under a tree or even in a covered grandstand, and still undergo significant levels of exposure.

To mitigate these effects, Tarps Now is pleased to announce the release of a new line of Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps, Shade Tarps, and Mesh Materials that delivers a resilient source of protection that far exceeds that received from that of a beach umbrella or shade tree on a day of intense sunshine and heat. To mitigate the negative effects of intense sunlight and associated ultra-violet radiation, Tarps Now recommends the following steps.

Step 1 – Determine how much indirect UV you are being exposed to, stand in the shaded area. Look to see how much open sky you can see from where you are standing. For example, if you stand in the shade of a building and can only see about half the sky, then you are protected against half the indirect UV. Being at the edge of the shade is less protected than if you’re in the center of a shaded area. A beach umbrella may be made of a SPF material, which does protect you against the direct sunlight. However, you can see most of the sky when you use a beach umbrella, which means that you are getting a lot of indirect UV rays.

Step 2 – Determine the size of the Shade Tarps you need. Shade tarps can be placed along fences, above porches and over green houses. Sun tarps have a variety of applications, for businesses and homes. Mesh shade tarps are made to be sun shades in back yards, over grandstands or can even be used for camping or at the beach. You may also want to use sunscreen tarps in the winter. Snow reflects the sun’s rays as much as sand or water. It doesn’t have to be hot outside to get a sunburn.

Step 3 – Hang Shade Tarps where you need sun protection. The aluminum grommets can be used with rope or bungee cords to offer temporary protection, or can be permanently situated on a fence or above a porch with an industrial application. Shade Tarps can provide 75 percent shade protection against the indirect rays. Although Sun Shade Tarps are not waterproof, they are perfect as wind screens or privacy screens in your backyard. The wind can be damaging to the skin and make backyard parties uncomfortable.

https://www.tarpsnow.com/mesh-tarps.html (Mesh Tarps)

https://www.tarpsnow.com/mesh-shade-tarps.html (Shade Tarps)

https://www.tarpsnow.com/heavy-duty-vinyl-mesh-tarps.html (Mesh Materials)

https://www.tarpsnow.com/privacy-fence-screen-mesh-netting.html (Privacy Screen Netting)

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