Slick Diapers Launches Diaper in Kickstarter to Remove the Frustration Out of Diaper Change

Manhattan Beach, USA, 2018-May-16 — /EPR Network/ —The Slick Diapers team is excited to announce the start of their new Kickstarter campaign, which will guide them to start the mass production of Slick Diapers for the global market. The new product is made to significantly facilitate existing and future moms when changing the diapers of their babies.
The ground-breaking product is intended for moms, pregnant moms, new moms, toddlers, fussy toddlers, and babies. It has some amazing features like a waistband, which goes around the baby and stays there until it requires to be changed. Aside from that, the feature also allows easy removal of the diaper bottom.
The long process of smart Slick Diapers production is approaching its finalization. The Slick Diapers team has already come through countless development stages. One more step has left until the mass production, which is scheduled this coming June 22, 2018. Today, the company is launching in a Kickstarter campaign that will assist them to fund and complete the process and begin providing Slick Diapers to all expecting and existing parents and babies.
Slick Diapers have come to put an end to the hassle of changing diapers. It is made uniquely compared to any other diapers available in the market today. Its pending patent design will keep the baby comfortable and dry – no leaks.

The Features of the Slick Diapers include:

  • Reusable Waistband Means Less Waste
    • The design of Slick Diapers is eco-friendly and cuts diaper waste in half. It will lead to the reduction of used diapers that are added to landfills every year.
  • Simple to Use
    • If a mother needs to change the diaper of her baby, she only needs to take the soiled bottom part off by peeling it at the waistband and put a fresh one.
  • Quick Snap-on Design
    • The procedure of snapping a new diaper bottom to the baby’s waist doesn’t need an alignment because the waistband is in place and the bottom sticks underneath. It enables the Slick Diapers to be attached at a set location that keeps the diaper in proper alignment and avoid any leaks.
  • No Compliance from Baby Needed
    • Either in lying or standing position, blissfully playing or running, a parent can change their babies with Slick Diapers hassle-free.
  • Extensible Design
    • Another feature of Slick Diapers is that its design can be extended to adult diapers. It is ideal for those people who are disabled or bedridden. Further, the design of the diaper can be extended to other areas like animal diapers.

Working for months on the improvement of the product, the Slick Diapers team, comprising of designers and professionals have made “a simpler version of a diaper design that would not require any cooperation from the baby when changing it.” The team is open to recommendations on how to further enhance the diaper, making it a convenient tool for all parents.
Some excellent and amazing rewards are provided to the supporters of the projects. The company offered different packages to choose from, along with diaper sizes ranging from 1 to 4. One can support the project by pledging some money if they don’t need the diaper.

About Slick Diapers:

Slick Diapers is composed of a team of dedicated designers and professionals who aims to make a difference and offer convenient, complete, and practical products to customers worldwide. The team combines their imagination, experience, knowledge, and technology to create an innovative product for global market.


To support the Kickstarter campaign and production of Slick Diapers, please visit More information about the product can be found at their website

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