Odense, Denmark, 2019-Oct-01 — /EPR Network/ — 2 The Max launches its web-based platform with content by healthcare professionals, teachers, and branding experts to help players enjoy a healthy approach to esports.

The esports scene has enjoyed double-digit percentage growth for several years. Hundreds of millions of players are engaging in competitive games every day. Esports has been adopted by organizations, sports teams, schools, colleges, and associations all over the world and is used for a variety of purposes meanwhile being accepted as a competitive sport in a lot of countries.

The esports scene has an obligation to provide knowledge and guidance for the players, no matter the level they aspire to achieve, both in and out of the game in a framework similar to traditional sports. 2 The Max recognizes and embraces that responsibility.

The content on the platform is primarily provided by healthcare professionals such as psychologists, physiotherapists, and dietitians and is aimed at working with topics such as mindset, coaching, ergonomics, injury prevention, and nutrition. But also teachers to provide game skills and branding experts to help players work on their personal brand.

The platform is subscription-based and will launch with two types of early bird subscriptions for 6 months $29.94 ($4.99 per month) and 12 months $57.00 ($4.75 per month).

2 The Max IVS is an entrepreneurial company based in Odense, Denmark. Established in March 2019 the company owns and operates the 2 The Max platform.

You can explore the platform on www.2tm.gg

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