Cosmic Bird releases new album ‘Freedom Galaxy’

LONDON, UK, 2021-Jan-29 — /EPR Network/ — The songwriter and producer of experimental ambient music known as Cosmic Bird has released her latest official album, “Freedom Galaxy.” It contains 13 original Cosmic Bird tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Cosmic Bird Music record label. Warm, welcoming, highly artistic and refreshingly new, “Freedom Galaxy” introduces Cosmic Bird as one of the most intriguing artists of the 2021 year so far.

“Freedom Galaxy” is the 9thofficial release from Cosmic Bird including two under her original name, Lady Plush. Cosmic Bird, who hails from the UK by way of Italy, has a film-making and otherwise broad artistic background. She cites as main artistic influences “far too many to mention.” Having begun in 2011, she talks enthusiastically about “sci-fi films & soundtracks” and “fantasy and horror film soundtracks,” as well as “cold-war and B-movies,” leaving no room for doubt that Hollywood has had its effect on songs by Cosmic Bird.

Bird also expounds on music pioneers, saying she’s deeply inspired by, “1950s and 1960s electronic-music pioneers like Delia Derbyshire and the whole of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in UK.” She also talks about “Italian, French and US electronic music pioneers like Raymond Scott or Bebe and Louis Barron to mention a few, together with other film composers of the world and experimental musicians of the avant-garde scenario of different decades.” Finally, Cosmic Bird notes major influences in “world music and multi-ethnic, tribal, pagan, spiritual, ancestral vibes, big on space archaeology — very primitive sounds included but ultimately timeless and breaking time barriers, so to speak.”

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Freedom Galaxy,” Cosmic Bird lists a litany of remarkable inspirations:

“My life, mystery of life all, unanswered riddles we experience. Uncontrollable course of natural or supernatural events and so on. Fascination with astronomy and ancient civilizations, space archaeology, classic horror/mystery films, fears, nightmares, fragments of unfinished dreams, invisible entities, travels, space, astronomy, nursery memories, psychology, psychiatry and neurology, perceptions, oversensitivity, telepathy, inner world and everything paranormal, esoteric, and spiritual, non-religious interests.” Cosmic Bird doesn’t like talking directly about the meaning of her new record, but she does talk around it in fascinating spirals.

“Meaning is a strong word!” she writes. “We give meaning and we interpret what we see or hear or feel differently. Open-ended meaning and themes are those I fed on, nurtured others on, and felt mostly throughout my existence, freedom to move in times of constriction like those we are living nowadays, this perhaps is the message, imagination and fantasy free us from that physical constriction … and most importantly freedom is given to those that have imagination, fantasy and strength to move on despite adversity and grim scenarios. I follow my own star, my own trajectory and dislike copies or imitations, that is not the way to go for me. It takes more talent to be unique and original.” She does have a few concrete messages, though.

“Definitely the will to travel light, deep and far, an invitation to explore much further and to not stop at what we seem to know and definitely to go beyond and above appearance and deja-vu stinky politics.” Asked to describe her new album in her own words, Cosmic Bird lists a series of adjectives: “Epic space, ambient, filmic, soundtrack, experimental, eerie, electronic, power electronics, electronica.” While this may seem like a high bar to reach, she knows exactly how she wants her audience to come away feeling.

“Liberated and inspired,” writes Cosmic Bird, “something they didn’t know before or had known in this way. I’d like them ultimately to follow their own path, their own voice and trajectory. I am happy with this album, it is quite comprehensive of all things I cherished and continue to cherish.”

“Freedom Galaxy” by Cosmic Bird on the Cosmic Bird Music label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, experimental music fans.

– S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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