Timeless Beauty: Internationally Renowned Yogi Cameron Launches 108’s New Line of Innovative Herbal Health and Beauty Tonics

Bioavailable Formulas Including ‘lighten, purify, and fortify’ Combine Ayurvedic Health with Vedic  Wisdom and Modern Science 

New York, NY, 2021-Apr-30 — /EPR Network/ — Internationally renowned Yogi Cameron, a well-regarded practitioner of Yoga and Ayurvedic  Medicine is pleased to launch 108’s new line of innovative herbal health and beauty tonics – lighten,  purify, and fortify. 108 is Yogi Cameron’s newest health and beauty supplement company that brings ancient formulas from thousands of years ago and uses Liposomal technology and science as a delivery system.  Liposomal technology transforms all-natural herbs into minute spherical molecules, which when taken sublingually (under the tongue) are quickly absorbed into the body’s system. 

Inspired by Yogi Cameron’s experience studying Ayurvedic Medicine and spiritual science in India, the three individual formulas deliver a timeless path to health and beauty by keeping the mind, body, and spirit in balance. Lighten loosens toxins during the night to support the body in feeling lighter on waking. Purify works even deeper to cleanse the lungs, enhancing fortify’s power to calm and de-stress the mind. Together, all three products follow the company’s guiding principle by combining ‘Vedic Wisdom and Modern Science’ into each bioavailable formula. 

“My mission is to guide others to heal on the inside through Ayurvedic medicine, prosper on the outside through Yogic practices and reach a more elevated consciousness through spiritual knowledge, so that life has a definite purpose and a specific direction,” said Yogi Cameron.

Formulas Designed for Optimum Health 

The company recommends customers to use each formula in a synergistic way, as it increases the efficacy and potency in support of balance and healing. 108’s Products include: 

Fortify Ashwagandha. De-stress with fortify’s ashwagandha, one of the most valued herbs in the Ayurvedic system which is known for its strength and energy-building properties, bringing resilience for adapting to the tensions and pressures of everyday life. 

Purify lung & sinus. The purifying formula combines twenty-one herbs that release and clear impurities in the respiratory system. The purify lung formulation blends ultra-strength herbs to give the respiratory system the essential support it needs to strengthen and rejuvenate. 

Lighten Triphala. Lighten supports cleansing and replenishing the intestinal tract and digestive system through its three main fruit ingredients. This process restores energy and vitality to the organs by helping the body in its natural functions. 

BeyondBrands® Collaboration 

Yogi Cameron and his team at 108 have been working extensively with BeyondBrands®, on its new product line, including its new website 108.health. BeyondBrands, a New York City-based, a top-tier consulting agency that delivers 360-degree management services for clients in the natural and organic food, beverage,  plant medicine, beauty, and nutraceutical industries is excited to collaborate with Yogi Cameron and his company’s new collection of tonics. 

“We have worked with Yogi Cameron on the 108 project since its inception 4 years ago and couldn’t be more proud of the breakthrough he has made in his quest to bring to market the winning combination of Nano,  Liposomal, and Micelle technologies based on ancient and proven Ayurvedic medicine,” said Eric Schnell,  CEO, BeyondBrands. Schnell adds, “I have yet to see a brand in the nutraceuticals space that has the mastered formulation of these powerful herbs with cutting edge science. The effects are noticeable within  minutes.” 

Sales and Distribution Inquiries 

Currently, all three varieties of 108 are available online, and the company has plans to expand into national distribution. For sales inquiries, please email Yogi Cameron at assistant@yogicameron.com

About Yogi Cameron 

Yogi Cameron travels the world as a speaker spreading the wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine, Yogic Sciences,  and conscious lifestyle practices to a wide-ranging audience. He is certified by NAMA, the National Ayurvedic  Medical Association, at the practitioner level. Today, Yogi Cameron brings his sense of style and elevated brand consciousness to his vision as a 108 health and beauty creator. He lives his life joyously through purpose, passion, and service in helping others find the same. Yogi Cameron has embodied every role in his professional life – from Super Model to Yogi – with a commitment to excellence, integrity, and his trademark sense of humor and joy. 

As a world-renowned model, Yogi Cameron walked the runways of Paris for top design houses like Dior, YSL,  and Gaultier, co-starred in videos with Madonna and Elton John, and appeared as the face of major brands.  After working in the heights of fashion and beauty, he embraced a journey of inner discovery, beginning with a  decade of immersion and study of Ayurvedic medicine and spiritual science in India. During his years traveling and studying, he met his beloved future wife and fellow sojourner on the yogic path, Yogini Jaima.

If you would like to get acquainted with our products, please visit our website: https://108.health/

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