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TORONTO, CANADA, 2021-Jun-24 — /EPR Network/ — Building a captivating website is undoubtedly an exciting process. But being in the digital marketing domain for quite a while now, I have realized that a robust website is not the only path towards marketing success. There needs to be a cohesive link between your site and other platforms of your online presence, like your blog and social media channels. More importantly, all of them should be search engine optimized for you to reap the maximum benefits.

It’s a fact that when a person engages in a specific activity long enough, they inevitably gather more insights and better ways of executing it. The same has been true for me. Working in an SEO company toronto, for quite a while now, I have acquired a great deal of learning. In this post, I share my insights about the blogging tech stack, blogs, social media posts, and SEO.

1. Tech-driven blogging
When I first started out with blogging, one thing that I was sure of was the ability of technology to help us deliver value. As I was mainly working on a portal where digital marketing is integral, I picked HubSpot’s CMS because its blogging ecosystem is truly amazing. Over time, I realized that it’s better to distribute your content in numerous blogs rather than piling them in a single blog post.

Trust me, Hubspot’s CMS proved to be a boon. It imparted insights to me regarding the importance of establishing internal links between your blog posts. It is important that you first create a huge pillar article and then individual posts with a link that will connect everything back to this huge article. The CMS also keeps you updated about SEO recommendations. Hence, search engines can quickly figure out a set of relevant articles on a single landing page. Not only that, but the CMS also helps you to edit, publish, republish, and post a blog. You can connect all of it with your social media, toss out newsletters, and monitor the progress of every blog.

2. Blogs that are fully search engine optimized

Selecting blog titles that take into account SEO is a must. There should be a solid connection between blog content, your business, and SEO. To make everything cohesive and optimal, undertake a discussion with your SEO analyst and social media team to determine some major keywords that you all will be going to target.

Consider your blog as the passage that directs traffic to your website. As it is a way to familiarize your readers with your business and nurture a trustful connection, the content here should be marked by the presence of long-tail keywords. It is a good idea to increase the visibility of those paragraphs, sentences, and phrases that can be transformed into social posts as well. Connecting them to your social media pages will impart a sense of continuity and connection to the audience. Enhance their visibility by highlighting them or writing them in bold words. I always make it a point to extract the most captivating content with high chances of engagement and link them to social media and off-page sites.

3. Optimize traffic with social media
Think of social media platforms as the gateways to vast amounts of traffic. Your social media strategy, which includes all the posts and visuals you put on it, must be aligned with your main blog. These platforms are great at offering opportunities to advertise and gain more leads. Content in the form of articles also has a massive appeal.

I recommend that you write original content and post it on platforms like LinkedIn or Medium. Alternatively, you can also re-post an article you wrote earlier for your blog. Make sure to give credits to the primary source, that is, your blog, linking it to the original articles. Again, HubSpot gives you many advantages when it comes to accomplishing this task. You have the ability to form UTMs in it for every one of your blog links. You can leverage it for making your traffic head in the direction of your main article. This technique is highly beneficial as you can monitor the clicks on every blog.

But only posting a link to the main blog is only half of the picture. Repetition is the key. Bear in mind that almost no one logs into their social media accounts regularly. If you are not posting links regularly, you will miss out on a large chunk of the audience. Here comes the benefit of creating more than a few social posts from your main blog. The CMS of HubSpot lets you schedule posts on specific days, increasing your rate of gaining visibility over a large audience.

4. The significance of tech-enabled SEO processes
If you are just starting out, it’s highly likely that you are doing SEO incorrectly. Even those possessing an in-depth knowledge of search engines struggle at times to make sense of SEO. It’s a great idea to hire an SEO toronto agency for creating a solid SEO strategy.

Well, at the fundamental level, SEO entails optimizing content in your web page, social media post, and blogs for the search engines so that they do not find it difficult to discover you. Let me begin by saying that it’s more than just the right keywords. It’s how you put forward your service with keywords that reflect your customer’s needs aptly.

Tech-enabled SEO processes such as utilizing Ubersuggest, Google Adwords, Alexa, HubsSpot, Ahref, and the like help a lot in keyword research and SEO strategy planning.

It all boils down to a simple fact. Even an excellent blogging strategy or content will not yield any results if it is not aligned with your SEO strategy. Alternatively, your SEO strategy is meaningless if it is not properly aligned with your blogging strategy.

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