Cyclope – cycling computer application

Communicate with your friends by voice like professional cyclists with their headset

Paris, France, 2021-Jul-26 — /EPR Network/ —

Cyclope is a cycling app that will make your bike connected.

Have you ever found yourself alone after a group outing? After a long ascent, you turned around, and there, nobody left.
Cylope is here to answer your problem.

Cyclops is not a simple bike computer, Cyclops locates your fellow cyclists (but also other cyclists you don’t know) on a 3D map that allows you to locate yourselves in relation to each other.
By selecting a cyclist on the map, you will know his speed, the distance he has covered, the current slope, and the time difference between you.

You want even more. Okay .

If he’s a road companion, talk to him like a pro cyclist talks to his sports director through their headset.
Cyclops incorporates a talky. Before leaving, agree to communicate on a channel. Then all you have to do is speak and all your colleagues will hear you. Of course, you can stop the microphone if you have nothing to say.
Cyclope also integrates a messaging system that you can use to plan your next outing with your friends.
A quick help button is also present if, for example, you die behind the group and no one notices that you have been arrested.

But you, your thing is to ride alone. Okay !

Cyclops allows your loved ones to follow you from a distance. Better yet, if unfortunately you fall, it can happen, a notification will be sent to your loved ones to say that there is a problem. They can then hear from you to see if you are okay.

On the performance side, Cyclope will provide you with all the information you need. Distance, speed, average speed, height difference, altitude, max altitude, max speed, slope, weather forecast and forecast for the 6 hours following your departure with the temperature, the humidity percentage, the wind speed and its direction.
Of course Cyclope records all these data and will display them to you with a map of the track, and the profile of the stage.
You want a little more. Okay!

The share button will allow you to share your performance on social networks.
And the 3D button will allow you to relive your output as a 3D video.

Do you want more. Okay!

Challenge your friends by participating in a challlenge every week.
Cyclops gives you points for each of your outings. Points for the best rider, and points for the best climber.
If you lead one of the rankings at the end of the week, you win the distinctive jersey (green or red with red weight).
The ultimate reward is the yellow jersey which will be for the cyclist who accumulates the most points (best rider + best climber).
You will then be wearing one of these swimsuits for the next week.

So get on your bikes and may the best win.


Cyclope is available on Google Play. Download the cycling computer.


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