Influencers Triple Their Price With The Influencer Rate Calculator Created By Tyler Chanel

The Influencer Rate Calculator empowers influencers to formalize and increase their rates.

  • The Influencer Rate Calculator streamlines the pricing process
  • Calculator users always see a price increase, with some tripling their pay


LOS ANGELES, 2021-Aug-04 — /EPR Network/ — Tyler Chanel is an inventive sustainability influencer and model who created The Influencer Rate Calculator to provide clarity around pricing for social media influencers. Launched in February, the calculator uses variables like audience size, rush fees, traveling, and exclusivity to calculate prices that truly reflect the value influencers provide. 

Chanel elaborates, “I am excited for influencers to figure out all the factors that go into charging their rate. When influencers present their new rate and reasoning from the calculator, brands see them as more professional and equipped.”

The Influencer Rate Calculator not only formalizes the pricing process, but also increases the pay influencers receive. This group of workers often undercharges for deliverables that are highly valuable to brands. Influencers like Call Me Flower Child and KendraJayy both tripled their rates with The Influencer Rate Calculator, the former landing a five-figure contract. 

The calculator is used by influencers in the U.S. and Australia with followings from hundreds to millions. Optimized for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and blogs, the Influencer Rate Calculator is incomparable and easy to use. 

The influencer Life by MJ explains, “This calculator takes into consideration so many different deliverables and variations that I feel confidently represents my true value down to the penny. It calculates easily and quickly within a matter of seconds.” 

The Influencer Rate Calculator is a digital tool available now for $50, a one-time price for unlimited access. The product includes the online calculator and digital spreadsheet.


Tyler Chanel is the creator, host, and producer of sustainability platform Thrifts and Tangles. With 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and 13,000 followers on IG, the influencer and model encourages her audience to give thrifting, sustainability, and their natural selves a chance. 


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