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Best Place to shop at Leh Ladakh

Delhi, India, 2022-Feb-10 — /EPR Network/ — The trip to Leh Ladakh is popular for bike ride. It’s a dream destination for the most of youngsters. Ladakh tourism offers you some best mountain views, lakes, landscapes and more. But, have you tried shopping in Leh Ladakh? Leh Ladakh is of different culture, so you can bring many things home for your family and friends. 

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Let’s know about some products which you can buy in Leh Ladakh: 

What to shop in Leh Ladakh

Tibetan Handicrafts and Wares

The huge Tibetan population that have made Ladakh its home. They also allow everyone a space into their homes and traditions by selling handmade Tibetan Handicrafts and wares at the local shops here. You can buy Buddha statues of different styles and sizes, Thangka paintings which looks very beautiful and can be used for decorating the walls of your home, brass and copper Chang pots with carvings over it to make them look unique and eye catchy are used for serving Tea and alcoholic beverages, you can also buy Carved wooden tables from this city as this looks very beautiful. 


Silver and Stone Jewellery

The stunning jewellery of Ladakh will make your collection more awesome. After seeing the vast collection of Silver and Stone jewellery, you will surely end up buying more than one items. Before buying, make sure it is hallmarked for authentication. You will find a variety of necklaces, earrings, nose rings, bangles, rings, bracelets and even key chains while shopping for Silver and Stone jewellery.



Rugs and Kashmiri carpet

Ladakh is a one stop shop for making your home more beautiful and attractive. Don’t miss buying Ladakhi carpets and rugs, naturally dyed and hand woven withy wool in exotic and unique patterns that includes floral and dragon prints. Thick rugs make great wall hangings and carpets. Kashmiri carpet, have more unique and tough designs woven with wool and silk, which are available in various sizes and shapes of different prices. 


Pashmina Shawls

The beautiful Pashmina shawls are finely made with Kashmiri wool can be found in a huge amount here. While shopping in Ladakh you can buy traditional warm Goncha made up of wool or cotton and colorful embroidered. If you have a weird sense of style and the ability to carry everything, these are the best things for you to buy in Ladakh. You should visit Kashmir for the more variety of Pashmina Shawls. 


Jewellery, basket, bamboo products are the main publicity of art and crafts of Leh Ladakh.  From traditional work of Ladakh to metal work of Ladakh, there are utensils crafted magically with some prints on it makes it look more beautiful. Shopping in Leh Ladakh is all about exploring and getting to know the art and culture of Leh Ladakh.


There are few best things to buy on a Leh Ladakh trip for your friends and family, to make the trip memorable for lifetime.


Where to shop in Leh Ladakh

From dedicated markets to common markets, Ladakh has everything. Here is the short list of shopping places in Ladakh:


Main Bazaar

As the name says, this is the chief street of Ladakh for shopping. Lined with shops and stalls selling almost everything you may require. You can buy Tibetan handcrafts, woolens, antiques, Ladakhi jewellery and also pashmina shawls. This can be the best market for you, if you know how to bargain. 


Ladakh Art Palace

This place is specialized for Ladakhi and Tibetan jewellery. If you are a jewellery lover or wants to gift these to your better half, this place is the best to buy jewellery. 


Tibetan Handicraft Emporium  

Leh has a number of really good handicraft shops run by Tibetan refugees and it is one of the best places to buy handicrafts and antiques at affordable prices. This market is more expensive as compared to Main Bazaar, but you will find more variety of products here in Tibetan Handicraft Emporium and this makes this market a must visit destination for shopping in Leh Ladakh.


Cottage Industries Exposition

This is mainly known for Buddha statues of different shapes and sizes. All the locally made handicrafts, hand-woven garments, carpets, shawls and rugs are exhibited and sold under its one roof. It’s a one stop shop for every shopping lover.


Moti Market

This is one of the oldest markets in Leh and as the name explains this is the place to go for pearls, precious stones and gems. If you want some of the best traditional jewelry Ladakh can offer, you have to visit Moti Market. In Moti Market, Lamo Pearls named shop is one of the oldest shops you can find here that sells authentic pearls and stones.


Dalai Lama Charitable Trust Handicraft Emporium      

This place deserves a special mention as this place is named over Dalai Lama. While you compliment the beauty of local talent and handiwork represented in all their handicrafts, woolens, shawls, statues and paintings sold here, remember the artisan community’s hark work needs support and good reviews, and purchasing products from here means a lot to them. 


Ladag Apricot Store

If your desire and appetite for apricots have not been completed at the Main Bazaar, head to this store that deals only in apricots and all its derivatives, fresh, dried, oil and jam. The oil and finger-licking jams are much sought after by tourists while shopping in Ladakh. 


Before you rush to fulfill your wants in Ladakh, the most important thing to remember while shopping in Ladakh is the bargain. Even when a shopkeeper says the price is fixed, it is pretty much flexible in reality, so don’t hesitate to ask for reduce the price of product. Also, when you purchase silver jewellery, check that you aren’t being passed off a fake at the price of genuine silver, you can do this by checking the hallmark on the jewellery. Hope you come back with a bag full of products and a smile on face. 

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