Low Code Platforms Become High Priority as Need for Automation Shoots Up

Low Code No Code Development

Ahmedabad, India, 2022-Jun-23 — /EPR Network/ — A lot of tapping is currently seen in the adoption of ‘untapped superpower’ called low code no code. An urgent need for low code no code development is becoming a trajectory for businesses to meet the changing consumer shifts. It is because the CTOs are proliferating the use of tools and technologies that let non-technical employees create robust applications. 

A real trade-off between the solution to the shortage of skilled developers and the increasing demand for application development has been in the headlines for a while. Parallelly, leaders from all the niches sense a great struggle to automate repetitive and manual business processes.   

But now, technology has reached the tipping point of giving power to people. Popularly known as ‘low code no code’, these development tools are gaining rigorous momentum. Its adoption is escalating across the IT teams and other non-technical departments as the workplace and process automation grow.  

Low code no code platforms are equipping SMBs, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises to enforce the tech advantages of a high enterprise value.  

79% of SMBs have experienced greater business agility by using low code no code platform, states Accenture 

Application development using low code platforms is as easy as drawing a flowchart on Paint. The efforts required are merely out of the benefits of reusable codes or modules and the drag-and-drop components from the repository of ready-made app building blocks.    

LCNC is making enterprises an enabler of building apps faster, without the sweat of writing codes or debugging lines of code. It is taking over the software development horizon.  

“Low code no code is heading to become a phoenix” says the COO of Radixweb, Dharmesh Acharya. He continues, 

‘’Sometime back, I came across a book- ‘Anyone can cook’ which are the enduring words of Ratatouille’s chef Auguste Gusteau. I believe the same is the case for software development. ‘Anyone can develop an app’. Almost everyone is trying to enter this legion of developer’s economy through the low code no code platforms. This is because enterprises are opting for the smartest path to gaining digital democracy across the organization and across inter-departments or teams. All the organizations I talk to are interested or have already started using no code/low code and our team at Radixweb is all into the low code no code to automate the ordinary and mundane business processes of our clients.’’ 

The intensity of the prize leveraged from low code development is massive. Future-ready enterprises investing in low code or no code are achieving on an average 1.7x boost in efficiency and a 2.8x rise in corporate profitability.  

To sum up, LCNC is coming at the forefront of the hyperscaler’s minds considering it as a conviction to take over the app development chasm. The upsurge of low code development moving at the pace of life is faster than it ever had in the history of software development.  


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