Super Small & Nice Price: AXTON’s Mini Car Amps on Test

"Tiny, super practical amplifiers" - the bass power amp A1250 and the 4-channel amp A4120 have been awarded the coveted 'Price Tip' accolade by the German magazine Car & HiFi (issue 05/2022).

BAD ZURZACH, Switzerland, 2022-Sep-21 — /EPR Network/ — High quality low budget automotive amplifiers – car audio specialist AXTON ( has been well-known for that for years. New additions to the AXTON product range are two ultra compact, powerful power amps: the A1250 (mono) and the A4120 (4-channel) – for flexible installation in cars or motorhomes.

The German magazine Car & HiFi has thoroughly checked out the two mini amps and its report in issue 05/22 is enthusiastic: These amps are not only “super small and at a super nice price”, but also “leave nothing to be desired.”
The very appearance and compact design of the newcomers impress the testers: “Our A1250 and A4120 come over as neat, small aluminum boxes. The bass power amp is only 14 cm long, with the four-channel variant being just a bit longer, so that both have no problem finding space in or under the dashboard.”

Looking at the interior, the testers are also surprised by the quality of the Class D amplifiers. “The four-channel A4120 appears fully up-to-date: The amplification is integrated in two small chips that manage almost completely without heat sinks.” The mono A1250 is similarly highly integrated: “It also has a driver IC, although the power transistors are macroscopic discrete components and have an aluminum heat sink.”

Both AXTON units also put on a convincing show in the test lab: “At 4 x 55 watts the A4120 delivers more than enough power for a boost, the signal always remaining clean. Noise is also not an issue, equally so for the A1250.” The A4120 therefore allows, say the testers, “original front and rear door speakers to be operated significantly better than with a factory car radio delivering at best 10 watts. So 50 to 60 watts is a considerable advance.”

The mono amplifier even produces less distortion in the test, “and as for power, there is plenty of that”, explain the tech journalists. “At 4 ohms there is 143 watts, and at 2 ohms the A1250 even unleashes 247 watts! (…) Similarly, the A1250 can drive a small subwoofer or the bass speaker in a BMW or Mercedes without any problem. And you get that for a good 100 euros in either case, which is why we have just about the cheapest sound upgrade that there is.”
In practice the little mono makes you sit up and take note: “It drives our 25 cm test subwoofer without any problems at all”, say the testers. “We have no complaints either about the deep bass response or the pressure level. The level is easily sufficient for everyday use; we guarantee that no one will have any gripes here.” Also the performance of the 4-channel unit impresses the tech journalists: “And the A4120 also does a great job. Voices and instruments are clearly heard from the speakers, and even the fun from the bass is worthy of mention. That is more than enough to be miles away from the original factory sound: here everything is simply louder and better.”

“A1250 and A4120 have become tiny, super practical amplifiers that for the price leave nothing to be desired”, is the conclusion reached by the well-respected tech journalists, while awarding both AXTON power amps the coveted ‘Price Tip’ accolade.

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