EquityMatch.co signs up with first three startups through its ‘Bespoke Fundraising Service’

Delhi, India, 2022-Sep-28 — /EPR Network/ — EquityMatch.co, recently signed up its first three start-ups, Visualax Ltd, Sekhmet Biotech Ltd, and Eazylife Inc through its ‘Bespoke Fundraising Service’. This is a big step for EquityMatch.co and they look forward to being in many more partnerships through the new service.

EquityMatch.co is a platform that provides start-ups with matchmaking, networking, fundraising, and other services related to the start-ups and venture capital industry. Not only does it help entrepreneurs with their startup funding endeavors, but the rich content it offers in terms of articles, videos, interviews, and events also helps them understand the venture capital ecosystem even better.

The services offered by EquityMatch.co’s ‘Bespoke Fundraising Service’ includes listing the company on its platform, presenting the company fundraising campaign to potential investors, and introducing the company to the investor or vice versa, if there is interest by either party.
Through this newly introduced service, EquityMatch.co goes an extra mile where the team would focus on each startup and reach out to investors based on their criteria. This would give back many valuable hours to the founders to focus on other important work in the business.
Upon finalizing the deal, the Founder of Equity Match, Massimiliano Sulpizi (Max) said, he was very pleased to be in partnership with the start-ups and that he hopes there will be many more joining the ‘Bespoke Fundraising Service’ soon. “This is only an introduction service. ‘Bespoke Fundraising’ only makes the first introduction and will not be involved in the funding process itself,” he added.

Amith Lankesar of Visualax Ltd said “We were initially only going to register for the listing service by EquityMatch.co, but we read about their bespoke service. We found it was exactly what we required. Founders can spend weeks contacting investors to no result. We noticed the best way to get in front of investors is through referrals. We found the “pay-as-you-go” option very affordable and fair”.

Adding to that, Nick Carbonari of Easylife Inc said “we always prefer performance based fees. The Bespoke offer shows the effort by the EquityMatch.co experts to support the companies they list. It is like having a new product on the shelf of a supermarket or having a dedicated promotion at the premises with sales people proactively addressing potential customers. We believe promotion for a start-up works definitively better. About the adhoc fee instead of the bulk fee for Bespoke, we believe it helps being razor sharp on the selection of the target investors, since every single contact has to be optimized otherwise the start-up would stop after the first 2-3 useless leads. If it works it is a win win for both: start-up and EquityMatch.co that will produce far more than 5 quality contacts.”

Startups have two plans to choose under ‘The Bespoke Fundraising Service’ by EquityMatch.co.

Plan 1 – PAY-AS-YOU-GO;
EquityMatch.co will charge a monthly fee of just £1000.00 per company registering with the service with the agreement remaining in effect for one year and automatically renewed for another year unless terminated mutually.

Founder is given freedom to decide whether to continue or to terminate the contract at any time by giving fifteen (15) days notice. The service will carry on until the last day of the 30 day cycle that has been paid for.

No separate success fee is tagged for any investments made by the investors under this plan.

EquityMatch.co will charge a fee of just £200.00 per introduction to investors and no separate success fee is tagged for any investments made by the investors under this plan either.

All interested parties please feel free to contact EquityMatch.co through surangi@equitymatch.co to know more details about its ‘Bespoke Fundraising Service’. Visit www.equitymatch.co and its social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to learn more about all the services offered.

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