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Kolkata, India, 2023-Jan-25 — /EPR Network/ — Weichai India is part of Weichai Power which was founded in 2002 by Weichai Holding Group Ltd. Weichai manufactures high-end engineering products, which include an auxiliary and main engine for marine, off-highway, and on-highway to propel vehicles forward and increase their power on road and waterways. 

Marine Engine From Weichai 

With a mission to improve the fishing sector and make India rule ocean infrastructure, Weichai provides engine that does not require heavy maintenance and manufacture heavy-duty diesel engine that doesn’t run out of diesel eve after long fishing hours on the bay. 

The engines are designed for 2-stroke and 4-stroke, with different power and features. The 2-stroke engine produces hgh torque at high rpm, while 4 stroke engine produces high torque at low rpm. Like wise, it has numerous differences which comes from design and ability to perform into different categories.

Weichai pays high attention to technology for manufacturing different types of engines. Types of the marine engines that Weichai manufactures:

  • Marine Propulsion Engine
  • Auxiliary Engine
  • Marine Gensets
  • Marine Gearbox

The marine engines are responsible for the propulsion of the wheel from one part to another. Whether it is a small ship playing in coastal areas or voyaging to marine waters, it is important to utilize an engine that has the capability to keep the ship afloat on water. 

The propulsion line of Weichai includes the models which ranges form HP 95-400. The engines have high-rated speed, along with electrical systems, and mechanical pumps that boost performance of the engine and make them leader among top marine engine manufacturers in India

Marine engine models that gives highest efficiency to the cargo ships, barge, ferry, fishing boats and navy ships. 

  • WP4 95-120HP
  • WP6 142-200HP
  • WD10 200-326 HP
  • WD 12 350-400HP
  • WD 12 450 HP
  • WP 13 482-550 HP

On-Highway Diesel and Gas Engine from Weichai

The Weichai Engine believes in making your engine do more with less, which means it has more power but requires less fuel. It has simpler, and easier installation making it flexible for a range of commercial vehicles such as trucks and heavy-equipment vehicles. 

The success of a business depends on how well the trucks are running on the highway. While the same happens for commercial vehicles like buses, where efficiency in engine power helps in making transport convenient for users in intra-city and inter-city.  

The Weichai Engine has displacement ranging from 2.3L to 13L and is built for power ranging from 70KW to 426KW for trucks. The power of the engine for buses ranges from 2.3L to 12L. 

The company is known for its advancement in design and engineering. They are not only excelling in diesel engines but also provide excellence in electric engines. Weichai manufactures special engines for buses or trucks looking for alternative fuel like CNG or LPG. 

On-highway Engine 

As India is growing in infrastructure, there is a huge requirement for efficiency cranes, excavators, pilling rigs, cement mixer machines, pavers, road rollers, and many more such off-highway heavy equipment. The propulsion power comes from the right engine, where Weichai Engine comes into play. 

They offer compact and reliable engines for construction and road machinery (pavers, loaders, motor graders, compactors, excavators, and truck cranes). Apart from that, they also provide engines for mining and agricultural equipment such as tractors, harvesters, and dump trucks. 

The engines are completely electronic and controlled with high torque capability in their size. The engines are available at a range of horsepower, the full range consists of 40hp to 800hp enough to provide the right propulsion for different models of off-highway heavy equipment. 

As the growth in the Indian economy depends a lot on marine, off-highway, and on-highway transportation, it is important to select an engine that caters to high efficiency by being fuel efficient. Weichai Engine is CEV/TREM Stage IV certified, available in both diesel and electric form, and they also manufacture axle and gear parts for heavy vehicles. 

They have over 12 Research and development centers, making them the expert in their niche. Selecting Weichai will allow heavy equipment and vehicle manufacturers to get an edge in their machinery by selecting the best engine manufacturer in India. 

About Weichai

Weichai India is a subsidiary of USD 36billion Weichai Group. Weichai Group is part of Shahdong Heavy Industry Group(SHIG) which has an array of engineering products and services. SHIG has international footprint with it’s operations located in France, USA, Singapore, Germany, and India. The company has it’s network all over the world with offices in 35 countries and 250 authorized service stations worldwide.

Email: enquiry@weichai.com
Contact Number: 2067921100

Website: weichaiindia.com

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