PsiBorg’s IoT-based home automation and Security System is Now Available to All

IoT based home automation and security system

Noida, India, 2023-Nov-01 — /EPR Network/ — PsiBorg Technologies develops useful and potent IoT based home automation and security systems, allowing you to talk to your home.

– PsiBorg provides all-extensive home security and automation solutions to let you efficiently manage all home appliances.

– Their IoT based home automation and security systems will help companies develop and deliver an interactive product to their users through which they can centrally manage various home devices. 

– The deployment of their smart home automation system as a product includes a hardware system that is connected to every sensor and a mobile and web app. 

The motive behind PsiBorg’s home automation and security development service is to develop a forward-generation intelligent home automation system. 

IoT based home automation and security systems will offer more convenience in terms of having access to all aspects of life with just a tap on the phone screen.   

Businesses can offer personalized home automation solutions to their users with our WiFi based home automation system that works with WiFi and LoRa communication technology and responds to voice commands given to the devices through Alexa or Google. 

Smart Home Automation Solution to Control Modern Homes From Anywhere

A technology that could once only be seen in Sci-Fi movies is now slowly becoming a part of our lives. The global market for smart home automation solutions is at its peak because of the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things.  


PsiBorg is standing at the base of this market, offering reliable, fully-tailored smart home development solutions to help businesses excel in this field. 

They develop smart home solutions using LoRa technology, as it’s best when it comes to long-range communication using ultra-low power. 

Their home automation and security solution uses PIR sensors, Aeotec multi-sensors, vibration sensors, sound sensors, and more for fire detection, leak/moisture detection, and window and door opening/closing.

An IoT based home security system secures all your smart home appliances so that you can control them remotely, schedule their operations, and receive feedback through an app.

Some of the key features of their IoT based home automation solution are remote access, voice control, customization, integration, and advanced security. 

This is a way to make your home smarter and your life more convenient. 

Benefits of IoT based Home Automation and Security Systems

– Improved home security with automated security systems

– Increased energy efficiency and reduced human effort because of the automation of home appliances.

– Improved living standards

– Easy performance tracking and home management insights with a user-friendly cross-platform compatible dashboard

Message From CEO

Ms. Vidushi, CEO of PsiBorg Technologies, believes that smart homes are now the necessity of a modern generation.

She continued by saying that their IoT based home automation and security system is transforming the way people interact with their houses, thus offering the utmost convenience and peace of mind. 

Home automation is not a recent innovation; however, there is still a very small fraction of the population that’s actually using the solution. This is because people are still not aware of the profound use cases of IoT and home automation solutions. 

Moreover, industry big players have now started adding IoT based solutions to their product list, and PsiBorg is happy to cater to them and help them excel in their respective fields by offering end-to-end tailored home automation solutions. 

She added, that their end-to-end approach and ergonomic expertise are what make their solution unique and affordable in the market. Their innovative home automation and security system is designed to make houses smarter, safer, and more productive than ever before. 

About PsiBorg Technologies

PsiBorg is a popular name in the list of IoT based service providers and offers IoT services to businesses of all industries with the vision to make this world a better and more secure place with the help of IoT. 

An IoT based home automation and security system is a ready-to-deploy solution. To avail the solution, visit their page or just talk to them directly.

Some other IoT solutions by PsiBorg:

– Smart Agriculture solution

– Livestock monitoring system

– Shipment tracking solution

– Building management solution

– Smart billboard solution

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