DormCo Introduces New Bedrests

Buffalo, NY, November 24, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — College dorm bedding is about more than a Twin XL Comforter and Twin XL Sheets. Of course, those are two of the main components, but every piece of the Twin XL dorm bedding comes together to create a comfortable place to rest and relax that is exactly to the college student’s standards. One of the dorm items a college student will want for making the college bedding even more comfortable is a bedrest.

A bedrest is a versatile dorm essentials item. Not only is it going to add extra comfort to Twin XL bedding, it is also portable and can be used for extra soft dorm seating. These dorm necessities items can add more comfort for sleeping, but most importantly these will turn a dorm bed into another dorm chair. This dorm item can be easily propped against a dorm wall for more comfortable studying and relaxation. The dorm wall can be cold and uncomfortable to lean against, but with a dorm item like a bedrest, the college student will have more back support to to reduce strain on the back while studying. This dorm essentials item also has the benefit of portability, allowing the college student to take this dorm item to the Residence Hall common room or even as back support for a visiting friend that will be sitting on the dorm floor.

Along with providing plenty of comfort for the college dorm room, a bedrest can also add a lot to dorm room decor. These dorm essentials come in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics, allowing the college student to match this dorm item with dorm room decor. From super soft microfiber fabric to incredibly soft and plush material, the college student will be able to add a lot of comfort and dorm room decorations to the college room with one college supplies item.

Soft dorm seating may be hard to come by in a college dorm room. The college dorm room is going to be compactly sized, requiring the college student to think creatively about dorm seating options. With compact, versatile dorm necessities like a bedrest, the college student can have soft, comfortable dorm seating wherever it is needed in the college dorm room.

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