Metal International Hosts ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation, And Disruption’ Event In Jakarta

Ken Rutkowski opens up the relationship between Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and AKON Lighting Asia with Indonesian Government

Jakarta, Indonesia, 2017-Mar-31 — /EPR Network/ — METal International, a globally based media entertainment technology alpha leader and innovation focused organization that creates exclusive gatherings of and for dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers in the media and next technology space, this past week held a monumental Indonesia-based event with world-renowned speakers, activists, and entrepreneurial success stories.

Borne from a passion for instilling a sense of disruption in all levels of innovation across the world today, METal’s event was focused on helping everyone to better understand disruption and make themselves more willing accept change.

“Humansare not built to like disruption,” said Ken Rutkowski, Founder and Organizer behind METal’s event. “Theyare built to seek out and find patterns, making most individuals resistant to change and resistant to the very necessary agents that help innovation come about. We gathered together last week to promote creating disruption, accepting disruption, and working towards disrupting new fields every single day.”

METal’s Jakarta “Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Disruption” event officially took place March 7, 2017 at the University of Indonesia in Depok City, Indonesia. It was a one-day event that ran from 9AM until 3PM with a plethora of international speakers and individuals committed to disruption and change.

Speakers at the event included BibopGresta, Chairman at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc., AKON, musical artist, performer, producer, and co-founder of AKON Lighting Africa, Daniel Surya, co-founder and CEO of SLINGSHOT, previously known as AR Group, Kevin Kumala, Founder and CEO of Avani, an eco-friendly solution to replace petroleum-based disposable plastic products, DwiPutrantoSulaksono, Founder of The Dwiyunajaya Foundation, and Senior Advisor Deputy for Housing and Settlement Agency Executing Agency, Ron Mullers, Founder of Papa Ron’s Pizza, Indonesia’s most popular privately held Pizza franchise, and Ken Rutkowski, TV and Radio Talk Show Host and Founder of the modern day Podcast.

Additional keynote speaking guests at previousMETalLos Angeles organization events include Larry King, Peter Diamantis, DovCharney, Mick Ebeling, General Wesley Clark, Darren Kavinoky, Tom Shadyac, Patti Stanger, Dr. Steven Greer, Gwynne Shotwell, John Paul, John McAfee, Gene Simmons, MichioKaku, and the list goes on.

“This event was a revolutionary collaboration of innovative thought and ideas from some of the world’s most respected leaders,” said Rutkowski. “We heard the stories of both personal and professional disruption, and how these individuals found the perseverance to make the change and the difference. Having so many professionally respectable participants in the event gave us great encouragement for hosting even more METal events not only in Indonesia, but around the world.”

Notable accomplishments at the event included BibopGresta (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) signing a contract with PT, as well as Hyperloop TransTekIndonesia witnessed by Indonesian Transportation Minister and receiving $2.5 million feasibility study in Indonesia. Additionally, AKON signed

and launched AKON Lighting Asia, starting with the first Asian country: Indonesia.

The event was officially held at the University of Indonesia, the number one best educational institution in the whole country. The university was eager to be part of an event that sought to promote the benefits and effects of disruption. Since the university itself is committed to disruption on educational fronts, they thought it was a perfect match for hosting the event.

METal’s events include talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaboration in the greater entrepreneurial community. METal’s mission is to maintain a ‘top-of-mind’ resource concerning issues and challenges spanning the media, entertainment and technology space. Through shared connections and meaningful exchange, they aim for growth, opportunity and enduring friendship.It is a weekly event based out of Los Angeles, California originally. The organization is ran and owned by Ken Rutkowskiand Maya Ross. Rutkowski functioned as the official host of the METal Jakarta event.

“We are incredibly proud of how our entrepreneurial event played out last week, and we are hoping to share our success and collaborative findings with as many people as possible,” said Rutkowski. “Spread the word on the METal mission, and head on over to our platform today to learn more about our disruptive commitments and passions.”

For more information, visit:


Maya Ross,, 1-310-751-0200

4778 La Villa Marina, Suite G. Marina del Rey. CA – 90292

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