Aroma Bravo Expert Reveals How To Store Coffee Beans For Freshness

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CARSON CITY, NV, U.S.A., 2017-May-31 — /EPR Network/ — To this today, storing coffee beans remains one of the most frequently asked questions by coffee lovers. Although there are millions of coffee drinkers worldwide, not everyone is aware of the correct way of storing coffee beans to keep them fresher for longer. To guide coffee lovers into the right path, a master roaster from Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea shares how to store coffee beans for maximum freshness.

“In order to keep the flavor and freshness of the beans intact, it is important to get the best coffee beans from the very beginning,” the master roaster first revealed. “Higher quality beans will naturally last longer than inferior ones because they were grown and roasted in better conditions. So always opt for premium coffee beans whenever possible.”

After checking the quality of the beans, the expert roaster advised coffee lovers to shield their beans from air, moisture, heat and light. Exposure to these four factors will severely affect the condition of the coffee beans and cause them to deteriorate at a much faster rate.

“To effectively protect your gourmet coffee beans from the elements, go for an opaque container with an airtight seal and store it in a dark and cool location in your home. Doing so will help preserve flavor and freshness, and therefore prolong the shelf life of your favorite coffee beans,” said the Aroma Bravo roaster.

He also added that while whole coffee beans can be preserved, they are best used within a month of purchase. “Coffee beans will start to lose their freshness right after the roasting process. So the sooner they are brewed, the better. If you buy the best coffee beans and follow the proper storage tips, you will be able to taste the finest flavors of your chosen coffee,” the master roaster concluded.

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