A new Italian song, a new Italian voice: “Di te”, Claudio Cervati.

A song for all Italians, and those that are Italian at Heart

ROME, Italy, 2017-Nov-23 — /EPR Network/ — On December 1st, the Italian label SanLucaSound will release “Di te” the new song and music video of Claudio Cervati, on YouTube and all digital stores. A hymn for all lovers of Italy in the World.

The song “Di Te” was born thanks to the SanLucaSound’s idea to continue exploring both the vocal and interpreting peculiarities of this artist. Differently from the other songs contained in his first album “Puro”, this romance reflecting the footsteps of the Italian tradition, has a voice which is immersed in electronic sounds and then relaxes in melodic outbursts and lyrical abandonment. This allows the interpreter to alternate light emissions to more collected sounds that aspire to lyrical songwriting. The song, with a strong melodic profile, has quite a complex vocality, forcing the interpreter to banish his voice on two octaves of extension (EB1-EB3), going from intimate sounds to more passionate and vibrant sonorities. The musical accompaniment is provided by different elements. First of all, “clocks”, showing the passing of time and secondly “seagulls strides” that evoke marine depths. Little by little, different rhythmic and harmonic musical instruments are introduced (harp, cello, oboe, piano, timpani, drums, French horns, violins) to culminate with an overwhelming intensity. The song nostalgically tells us about the close relationship between a nephew and his grandmother during the period of Italian postwar alternating past and present (time and space) in a suggestive way.

This can also be seen in the video created by Alessandro Ceccheri and the same Claudio Cervati and realized by Massimo Montepagani.

The images were shot in Tuscany and Liguria and they offer the ideal blend for the setting from which the story takes shape, the theatre. It deals with the idea of “passing the baton” from a grandmother to a nephew. The former, protagonist of the lyrical scenes in the Sixties, and the latter who is now facing the limelight on that scenic space that once was his and that now envelops in the lights, first soft and then dazzling, the path of the artist he is today.
Official FB Page: www.facebook.com/ClaudioCervatiOfficial

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