Specialty Papers Market, Top Key Players, Size and Recent Trends by Forecast to 2020

The leading players in the specialty papers market are focusing on recyclability and sustainability to widen their consumer base. Product differentiation along with quality enhancement is a key focus area of key players in the specialty papers market.

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Mondi Ltd and International Paper continue to lead the market in terms of business strength and industry attractiveness. With large presence across various countries and huge product portfolio, both companies are likely to remain dominant in the near future. Other key players are focusing on strategic partnerships and new product launches.

Mondi Ltd is also planning to change its company into single holding company under Mondi PLC. The simplification will be achieved by South African scheme of agreement where Mondi PLC will acquire Mondi Ltd. The aim of simplification is to increase transparency, enhance flexibility and remove current structure complexity.

Stora Enso Oyj has signed an agreement to acquire forest holding in Sweden by Bergvik Skog AB. The transaction is likely to be completed by the first half of 2019. The acquisition will increase the Stora Enso’s forest holding to 1.4 million hectares.

Packaging and Labeling Applications Drive Demand

The rise in e-commerce sector across various countries is driving the demand for specialty papers for packaging and labeling. With the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, manufacturers are offering eco-friendly papers products.

Rugged packaging is finding widespread application in pet food and other foods. This type of packaging is used for extending the shelf life, and maintaining the quality of food product. Meanwhile, the rise in the food service business, restaurants, and online food ordering business is leading to the huge demand for grease resistant papers for packaging. Paperboards with unique characteristics and different grades are widely used as medicinal, cereal, and cosmetic boxes.

Stone papers which are naturally greaseproof and waterproof are emerging as a feasible alternative to traditional papers. Stone papers are produced by using eco-friendly production process without using water. They have also been recognized as a safe product with certified food grade by FDA.

Décor and Kraft Papers Demand Creating Opportunities

Décor and kraft papers are largely used as home interiors with new concepts, enhancing wall arts, furniture, lamps, and more. Wallpapers or décor papers continue to be the preferred choice for home decoration. These trends are likely to drive demand for new décor papers with advanced features such as 3D wallpapers in the coming years.

Emerging design trends in high pressure laminates and flooring industry are also influencing interior designers to use décor papers. However, with rising cost of raw materials, décor papers manufacturers are increasing the price to compensate for the high cost of raw materials.

The growing usage of latest design, colors, and materials in home decor is driving the demand for new and advanced décor papers. Owing to its convenience, strength, and less impact on the environment, kraft paper is witnessing growing demand for wrapping, sacks, and pouches to handle goods.

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Fluctuating Cost of Raw Materials Hampering Specialty Papers Market Growth

Managing the cost of raw materials is the top priority for specialty paper manufacturers. Strongly fluctuating raw material cost is emerging as one of the biggest challenges faced by specialty paper manufacturers. Specialty paper manufacturers are also increasing the product price, passing on the pressure of rise in raw materials cost.

Specialty papers manufacturers are also shifting to recycled fiber as raw material in specialty papers. Access to the low-cost recycled fiber is focal consideration for the specialty papers companies globally. However, implementing new technology and scale is also necessary with the use of new raw materials.

Raw materials prices in specialty papers market are experiencing unprecedented volatility. Hence, companies are focusing on raw material management by tracking the price changes, understanding real quantity of raw materials used, and implementing risk mitigation plans to avoid unexpected price rise of raw materials in specialty papers.

Décor papers manufacturers in Europe have increased prices, with upwards trend in raw material cost including eucalyptus pulp and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Moreover, the price of TiO2 is expected to rise in the coming months as the supply tightens.

Restriction on Plastic Bag Usage Emerging as Significant Demand Driver for Specialty Papers

Increasing regulations and ban on plastic products including plastic bags is driving the demand for specialty papers. This is also resulting in the growing demand for kraft papers molded into shopping bags. The demand for papers bags is also growing in retail sector especially in developing countries with the ban on plastic bags.

In the near future, the demand for paper bags is likely to exceed supply due to rising environmental concerns, stringent government regulations and increase in customers shifting from plastic bags to paper bags.

Competitive Landscape

The report on the specialty papers market includes detailed profiles of all the major companies operating in the specialty papers market. The report also offers a dashboard view of the leading players in the specialty papers market. The information on the business strategies by the key players along with the SWOT analysis of each company is included in the report on the specialty papers market. Major players in the specialty Papers market are focusing on global expansion, and new product launches with advanced features. Strategic partnerships and mergers and acquisitions is also the key focus area of the companies.

The demand for paper bags is expected to increase in Asia Pacific with increasing awareness and government initiatives. Paper packaging in Japan is gaining popularity, especially in the food and beverage sector with higher awareness of plastic pollution. Moreover, a ban on plastic bags in India is creating a huge opportunity for specialty papers manufacturers. India’s paper demand is expected to rise in the coming years due to the modern retailing and growing consumerism.

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