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Cape Town, South Africa, 2021-Apr-08 — /EPR Network/ — Over the past few years, medical ID jewellery has become increasingly important, as it provides health workers and first responders with information about any medical conditions you may have, or other concerns that may be relevant to your care, should you ever become unconscious or unable to speak.

Imagine someone that is highly allergic to certain medication is rushed to hospital and they do not have a medical ID bracelet, nor do they have any identification on them, how will the emergency workers know not to treat them with that specific medication? This is why medical ID jewellery is of vital importance to people with medical conditions, allergies, or those on chronic medication.

This is where ICE-TAGS comes in. The company was established after a decision was made to ensure that critical medical information be readily available to first responders, and/or medical personnel, when the patient is unable to communicate such vital information themselves. The company’s main goal was to make it possible for people to always carry their critical medical information on their person in such a way that it was not only comfortable, but also easily accessible to the first responders.

After years of trying and testing their products, ICE-TAGS now boasts a range of medical ID jewellery that is suitable for all ages, as there are several different sizes, style designs, colours, for all applications. In addition to creating a range that is perfect for all ages, the company also created a range that was suitable for pets.

The various categories offered by ICE-TAGS include wristbands and necklaces, bangles and bracelets, kiddies and pets, as well as spares and more. Whether you would prefer a more fashionable, funky, corporate, feminine, or tough and rough medical ID product, the company will be able to supply it to you.

If you would like more information about ICE-TAGS and their various product categories, if you are interested in the products they have to offer and would like to browse through their range, or if you would like to learn more about medical ID jewellery, visit https://ice-tags.co.za/

ICE-TAGS was established after the CEO, Len Nieuwoudt, had experienced his own first-hand life threating experiences. The company’s main goal was to ensure that critical medical information could be provided to first responders immediately, should people ever be unable to communicate said information themselves.

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